Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Trump in Phoenix: National Security Good, Illegal Immigration Down (Good News for Sheriff Joe!)


National security and illegal immigration are two sides of the same necessary coin.

There can be no meaningful discussion about protecting the needs of Americans, or about ensuring the safety and prosperity of individual citizens, cities, small businesses, and states without tackling illegal immigration.

Trump stumped on those issues big time at the Phoenix, Arizona rally.

I am glad to hear it!

He also shared glad tidings, however muted, for America's Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

This development is very interesting and compelling.

Sources had reported that Trump was going to announce an official pardon for the Sheriff.

Two Maricopa County deputies had told me that they did not want the President to do that -- or ortherwise the entire city would be enveloped in uncontrollable protests.

No kidding! I think that makes a lot of sense!

I am hopeful that the good news will come out of the White House very, very soon.

I wonder if Trump will appoint Arpaio as his next Secretary of Homeland Security!

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  1. I'm sorry Arthur, but my support for President Trump does not translate into support for the likes of Joe Arpaio, and the prospect of him being secretary of homeland security makes me puke!