Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Tolerance: Liberal Democrats Refuse to Ralk to Trump Supporters

Yes, this happened to me at the Brad Sherman Town Hall.

I wanted to talk to a two Brad Sherman protesters.

But they were protesting Sherman ... from the Left.

They faulted him for serving on no major committees, and for not achieving ranking status on any committees, either.

Check out the signs below:

The guy explicitly stated to me: "We will not talk to Trump supporters. Only to Democrats."

Now that was really funny, because one older man came up to me very uielty, then adcknowledged: "I am a Democrat and I voted for Trump!"


What is it about these "liberals"? They are not very inclusive or tolerant at all, are they?!

How does anyone expect to accomplish anything if there is no dialogue?

These two were easily triggered, too, when I was trying to get some answers out of them.

Oh well ...

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