Wednesday, August 23, 2017

No Punting, Assembly GOP! Chad Mayes Must Go! (But Who Will Replace Him?)

I received two text messages from people who work in Sacramento, or who know people who work in the capitol.

The rigmarole over Chad Mayes has been extended another week.

Who will take Mayes' place? The Assembly GOP does not seem committed to doing what is best for the people of the state of California. The Deep State of Sacramento does not want to lose easy money, and the third house wants to hold onto its tight grip on both sides of the aisle.

This must cease.

Mayes sold out everyone, and he hurt every Republican imaginable in the state legislature and in every central committee throughout the state of California. Individual Republican voters do not send their elected GOP reps to go along with the crime and corruption overwhelming Sacramento and stealing from us.

Chad Mayes must go, and we cannot allow one more week of this meandering nonsense to continue. To my chagrin, the Assembly GOP along with the Democrats are convinced that they do not have to listen to us or care one bit about what we care.

Such arrogance has become hardened from lack of confrontation, but We the People can and must change it.

Here is all the contact information for the Assembly Republicans. Even though they tried to disable the emails, let them have it!

Assemblyman Dante Acosta
(916) 319-2038
Assemblyman Travis Allen
(916) 319-2072
Assemblywoman Catharine Baker
(916) 319-2016
Assemblyman Frank Bigelow
(916) 319-2005
Assemblyman Bill Brough
(916) 319-2073
Assemblyman Phillip Chen
(916) 319-2055
Assemblyman Steven Choi
(916) 319-2068
Assemblyman Rocky Chavez
(916) 319-2076
Assemblyman Jordan Cunningham
(916) 319-2035
Assemblyman Brian Dahle
(916) 319-2001
Assemblyman Heath Flora
(916) 319-2012
Assemblyman Vince Fong
(916) 319-2034
Assemblyman James Gallagher
(916) 319-2003
Assemblyman Matthew Harper
(916) 319-2074
Assemblyman Kevin Kiley
(916) 319-2006
Assemblyman Tom Lackey
(916) 319-2036
Assemblyman Brian Maienschein
(916) 319-2077
Assemblyman Devon Mathis
(916) 319-2026
Assemblywoman Melissa Melendez
(916) 319-2067
Assemblyman Jay Obernolte
(916) 319-2033
Assemblyman Jim Patterson
(916) 319-2023
Assemblyman Marc Steinorth
(916) 319-2040
Assemblyman Randy Voepel
(916) 319-2071
Assemblywoman Marie Waldron
(916) 319-2075
And here are their twitter handles:
And their official government-staff-maintained Facebook page handles:
Marie Waldron

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