Friday, August 11, 2017

It Begins: My First YouTube Copyright Strike: For Telling the Truth

First, they came for our Facebook Accounts.

Then they went after my YouTube account.

I opened up my YouTube account to upload another video.

This is the message that I found:

I uploaded a video that read "Proof that transgenderism is a mental disorder".

Telling the truth is now branded as "hate speech" on YouTube.


YouTube is going the way of the left-wing gulag called Google.



  1. Two words, FUCK Google! Google has long ruined YouTube ever since they bought YouTube around 2007 and fucked the website up with unnecessary changes to the user channel layout and like you mention, excessive censorship and removal of videos! Everything Google touches becomes shit! Use DuckDuckGo or StartPage as the default search engine instead.

    1. Have not used Google search machine for years. I use StartPage and also use StartPage email. StartPage is located in Europe, hard for U. S. based governments and other hackers to get information from StartPage. StartPage email has encryption available. After using YouTube close your browser and reopen the browser. That way Google ( who owns YouTube ) can not trace your activities on the internet. **** Google

  2. You can post All censored videos on other platforms and embed them in your blog if that feature is available.

    The anti-LGBTQ+ people are one of the most aggressively attacked people.