Friday, August 18, 2017

Steve Bannon Out--Now What?

Matt Drudge broke the story this morning.

Steve Bannon, the former Chairman of Breitbart News, the economic nationalist and cultural conservative who helped Trump rocket into electoral victory, is now leaving the White House.

Steve Bannon (Credit: Gage Skidmore)
I am not sure what to think in the long-run about this turn of events, but I do not like it.

He opposed aggressive, destructive globalism.

He wanted to focus on putting the needs of American citizens first.

He was the necessary vocal advocate for individual Americans on Main Street, as opposed the New York City liberal elites like Jared Kushner, who care more about Wall Street and their private streets.

Not sure what to think of this development in the long run.

I do not want Trump to trip over into liberal lunacy, baby-killing, sovereignty eroding policies which hurt our country and set back the best interests of Americans.

If Trump continues to punch back hard at the corrupt media, if he continues to hold onto Bannon's mission and legacy, despite the fact that he will no longer work in the White House, then there is nothing to worry about.

Trump has so much opposition in Washington DC, especially from his own party!

This is untenable. I am fed up with this distinct disregard for the needs of all of us.

How did this happen, that our elected officials have become so distant from the concerns of you and me??

How could I let this happen? I do fear that Trump will get pulled left-ward by his cabinet, and that instead of focusing on the successful populist message, he will go along with the corridors of distance, elitists and continue the path of more government and less freedom.

I  am leaning toward Trump's capacity to keep kicking butt and making people mad. I think that he will work in our best interests.

Joel Pollak for Breitbart just reported that Trump could indeed turn into Schwarzenegger Part II, since most populists get worried when their popularity falters.

God, I hope that does not happen.

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