Wednesday, August 30, 2017

The Decline and Fall of the SELA Left: #WHITEPRIVILIDGE (?!)

Yes, Edin Enamorado, the hatchetman for corupt Cudahy Mayor Chris Garcia, wrote the following tweet to justify the unjust arrest of Tom Green:

In other words, just because Tom is white, he got away with a crime?


The truth is, Green did not commit a crime.

In fact, he lawfully drew out his firearm to protect himself.

This video has surfaced, which shows how the hideous, hateful Brown Supremacists surrounded his vehicle and threatened him, taunting him to get out of the car:

More info to follow


  1. Wow! Thugs surrounded vehicle and demanded driver an occupants to exit vehicle. Lawful defense by CCW holder. Unbelievable. Thugs within arms length of vehicle, challenging & taunting. "Shoot me weapon again... I want to press charges.". Only CA. Warning? Moral of story? Don't stand your ground in Sanctuary CA.

  2. Gee. What were their intentions approaching the vehicle? Friendly chat? Grizzly (obese) bear 🐻 hug?
    Situation looks hostile. Ironic too that the ones on foot surrounding vehicle didn't get arrested. WTF is wrong with this picture? . Occupants (driver?) heard yelling "get the fu*k back!". I guess Darwinism is alive and well. Only the strong and smartest survive (at least in theory that's how it should be). These people who surrounded the vehicle must be stupid. Gun? Moving vehicle. Let's surround the vehicle. Great idea (morons).

  3. White privilege? Looks like Brown privilege to me. White guy "Terrorist" with CCW is arrested. Also, looks to me that the weapon (firearm) is pointed center mass (stomach/chest) area at the large man "Mohawk" wearing all black clothing with backpack and zoom lens camera waiving his arms and demanding occupants to get out of the vehicle. What was their goal? Fight? Talk? Intimidate? Perhaps borderline criminal (terrorist) threat PC422 by the mob who surrounded the vehicle. Did LASD consider that? Makes as much sense to me as PC417 brandishing or exhibiting a firearm. Appears CCW "White Guy" was more than lawful with protecting his "assests" as well as the others reportedly seated inside vehicle.

  4. Very scary situation. Thugs yelling and waiving their arms as they scamper towards vehicle. Vehicle is a death trap. Kill zone. Position of advantage definitely with thugs on foot who can move side to side and forward/backward with ease. Weapons? I think one should assume all the thugs on foot were potentially armed and dangerous. Assuming anything less could result in one's immediate loss of life or GBI (Great Bodily Injury). Better to overreact than underreact and better to be judged by 12 (jury of peers) than carried by 6 (dead in a casket) or better yet judged by 2 (God or 😈) in a debate between heaven or hell.