Tuesday, August 8, 2017

DeMaio: Gas Tax Repeal a GO!

Carl DeMaio is revving up the movement to help We the People of California.
Carl DeMaio
I am really glad that I could help out with this movement, as well as the efforts to take out Josh Newman, the state senator in North Orange County who voted for the gas tax hike.
Check out his latest appeal for funds:
We have just heard back from the Secretary of State's Office that August 22, 2017 is their recommended deadline for our coalition to file the text of our car and gas tax repeal initiative!
Before we file, we must complete our legal vetting process and show our coalition partners that we have enough funding in the campaign to collect the signatures.
I recognize that you are willing to volunteer to collect signatures for free and we will DEFINITELY need your help with that. However, please recognize that we do need campaign funding so we can pay for the legal fees, filing fees, signature validation, and supplement the work of our army of volunteers.

As you know with our success in the Pension Reform initiatives and the Recall initiative, we've done this before – and we do it right. I wouldn't be asking if it were not critical at this time to raise funds to proceed.
Please help! We cannot allow this car and gas tax hike to remain in effect – it costs too many Californians too much and the politicians will simply raid the funds like they always do!
Thank you!
Carl DeMaio
Chairman - Reform California 

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