Tuesday, August 8, 2017

SCAM-inoff Tries to Derail Latino for Trump Omar Navarro--Fails Again

Gary SCAM-inoff is mad.

"I'm mad! Arthur called me out on my crap!
And all the lies I told him about
Beach Cities Republicans, RPLAC, etc."
This guy is supposedly serving as the Treasurer for the Republican Party of Los Angeles County Central Committee (RPLAC).

How money have you raised there, Gary? I know! 0 + 0 + 0.

And what does that eual? NOTHING!

Way to go, SCAM-inoff!

Also, he's a wannabe bully who likes to shame people and tell them that they better not mess with him.

Yet everyone messes with him anyway!

He doesn't like it when he does not get his way, either.

Too bad!

He didn't like the fact that I called him out on his lies about what happened to me and the Beach Cities Republicans. I caught him red-handed lying about why the corrupt, irrelevent Republican Party of Los Angeles County Central Committee removed the charter for the Beach CIties Republcians.

And he's been trying to derail Omar Navarro's chances of facing off against Maxine Waters in the general election next year.

Gary SCAM-inoff is a total loser.

Check out the freaks he has chosen to push into the field.

1. Candace Camper, aka Kaila Truth, aka "It's all about me" Black Republican.

Look at me! ME! ME! ME!
Candace never struck a good chord with me. She was all about herself when she talked about Donald Trump. She went on and on about herself.

She wanted to be the center of attention a lot, and she even tried to steal the show from Omar Navarro at a previous fundraiser. It was really disgusting. When I confronted her about this attempt to run for a seat where she has never lived, she just interrupted me at length, as she planned on running to represent an area where middle-class black voters used to live.

Sugar Daddy Gary gives me $$$$!
Why don't you trust me anymore?

So it's all about the race card now?

I don't like Candace, and she has sold her soul to the corrupt Central Committee.

Also ... she doesn't live the district. She wil have to carpet-bag into the district, or she will get trolled with the same attack ads that are going after Maxine Waters non-stop. In case you forgot, Waters doesn't even live in her own district!

Check out her mansion in Hancock Park below:

2. Republican Party officials actually reached out to another Republican, someone in Hollywood, a producer named Frank DiMartini. What is their problem?

Check out the report from The Hollywood Reporter below:

DeMartini, a former lieutenant under Avi Lerner, the prolific producer behind the Expendables and Rambo franchises, was approached by Republican party officials about two months ago to see if he'd run against Waters in California's 43rd Congressional District, insiders say.

Vote for me! Gary SCAM-inoff invited me to run!
What do you mean you won't vote for me?!

You called me. It's true. I am thinking about it," DeMartini told THR on Thursday. "I'm being asked to consider a run. I still don't have my ducks in a row. My team is in the process of building a website."


This guy is a mover and shaker in Hollywood, supposedly, but he doesn't even have a website ready yet?

But that's not really true. He writes a blog called Hollywood Republican:

Maxine Waters has been representing the South Central District of Los Angeles for a long time.  Her district (CA-43) has changed a little over her time in office, but it it still basically the same.  It contains large portions of the South Bay, Torrance, Inglewood, Hawthorne, Lomita and Carson.  And, its demographics are poor.  In fact, a big chunk are below the poverty level.  However, there has been one big change, the majority is no longer black.

Omar Navarro, the Only Candidate Worth Backing
In CD-43

In fact, the majority is now Hispanic.  Blacks only represent a little less than 24%.  As a result, in my opinion, the district is ripe to become Republican.  I don’t know whether the GOP can definitely win it.  But, it is possible.  Famed Black Conservative Larry Elder agrees.  Please see his most recent article at:  https://townhall.com/columnists/larryelder/2017/07/13/kerosene-maxine-waters-how-much-longer-will-her-district-tolerate-her-n2354049
Frank, it's called "hyperlinking" - you might want to try it some time.
DiMartini was solicited by Republican Party officials? Did they not know that they have Omar Navarro arlready in the running?
He has been featured in Breitbart and other news media sites. He already has the support of InfoWars.com, Roger Stone, and others, too. Who really cares what these other wannabes bring to the party?
What's is really going on here ultimately? Gary SCAM-inoff and the rest of the crash of RINOs who run RPLAC are just butt-hurt that Donald Trump is winning big and the phalanx of liberal do-nothings are getting pushed aside!
I hate Omar! Because He wants to win!
And he told me off! 
Vote for Omar Navarro! Stick it to the corrupt, lying establishment, including SCAM-inoff!

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