Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Citizens Ramping Up Pressure on House Rep with "Hijab" Lady Liberty Poster

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8/3/17 Santa Ana, CA

Below is a constituent's report about her visit to Rep Lou Correa's office in regard the student art entry of the Statue of Liberty wearing a HIJAB.


When I went to Correa's office I said I was there to get info on the propaganda piece (pointing to the painting).  The receptionist must have pressed the panic button because immediately that tall lanky guy appears.  I asked to see the detailed description on the back.  He said, "No, as the name of the artist was on it ".  I told him I wasn't interested in getting the name, just the description so I could understand what it was supposed to represent.  Long story short I couldn't &  the receptionist said that she had sent my comments to Correa.  The big hint was I should leave.  I stayed a full 15 minutes trying to get info on the Committee that approved it.  No luck.  He said that 'my group  People Rising'  had threatened them & they were being cautious.  I said that I didn't belong to any group.  I'm going to write a letter to the editor of the Register.  I want to find out who's on this Committee that approved it - the ones right here in Correa's District are the ones who approved it.  Will also write to the 2 Representatives listed on the website of the Arts Committee - one is a Dem & the other a Rep.   


Drop by Rep Lou Correa's office
 and let the staff know that you are requesting the painting be removed from a taxpayer funded district office. The office is located on Broadway next to the 5 Freeway at Rancho Santiago Community College Building, 2323 N. Broadway, Suite 319,Santa Ana, CA 92706.

Please Call! Tell Rep Lou Correa to REMOVE the student art painting of the Statue of Liberty in a HIJAB he is displaying in his taxpayer funded district office!


Student  Congressional Art Competition entry - on display in Rep Lou Correa's office.



202-225-2965 Washington, DC

714-621-0102 Santa Ana District Office



Congressional Student Art Competition


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