Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Shame on Torrance Mayor, Racist Friend of Brown Supremacy "Defend" Movement

To the Torrance City Council:

It was a shameful display to see the short-lived Mayor of Torrance shaking hands with the so-called Defend Movement.

Child abuser Sylvia Merlos
with anti-Trump hater

They are defending lawlessness, they defend criminals, and they defend corrupt interests who hate our country’s culture and way of life. Then again, it makes perfect sense that Mayor Furey would join forces with these racist rogues.

Let me tell the public about this Brown Supremacy movement to whom Pat declares: “I am with you.”

1. Silva Merlos lied to this body, claiming that Omar Navarro had pepper-sprayed a child. That is a lie. There is video which shows the 12-year old chanting in the streets “I’m good! I’m good.”

2. Jaguar Redfeather joined with two other corrupt members of the Defend Movement ot harass children and parents at a family event on the Fourth of July, which took place at Centennial Regional Park in Santa Ana, CA.

3. David de la Tierra claims to work with special ed students, but his participation in the unfit, disgusting protest at a family event in Santa Ana merely affirms his stance with Brown Supremacists. These "Defend Movement" hatemongers shouted and screamed at children who were learning about our nation’s history.

This same group is in league with other disruptive elements throughout Los Angeles County, harassing women and children, advocating for complex real estate fraud and theft--i.e., the fantastical argument that the United States of America constitutes "stolen land" and that they are going to get it back. 

In a very indirect sense, however, these racist rogues, pathetic liberals with no attachment to any kind of victory have done some good for the city. They have exposed the corrupt, hateful, racist nature of the current mayor, who has continued to fall out of favor with local businesses, parents, students, and the taxpaying Torrance public as a whole. Not only that, but for him to engage in an email witch-hunt apologizing for the First Amendment: well, that’s just beyond the pale, but expected for a regressive leftists who bends over the public sector unions while expecting the entire city to pay for it.

Add to this disgrace the unjust contempt leveled at former commissioner Omar Navarro, and we see a definite need for new leadership. Torrance is better than you, Pat.

What's worse, Councilman Weideman told me that he wanted to discuss removal of Omar because he was using his commission to seek higher office—but every person on the city council has advertised their service on a commission in order to run for city council! What hypocrisy.

And let’s not forget Tim Goodrich, who hid his anti-War, pro-leftist past to run for city council here. Like Pat, Timmy isn’t a very vocal supporter of the First Amendment, either. After all, he tried to prevent a serving four-star general from leaving a parking lot.

These are Pat's Supporters

And on top of that, no action has been taken against Jimmy Gow of the social services commission, who joined with a group of hostile SJWS—all of who trespassed on private property, one of who stole the phone of a veteran, while other members of this hateful band of racists spit at and pushed veterans to the ground. Why hasn’t there been any discussion about removing Gow if you were so hasty to remove Omar Navarro?

I am so saddened by the latest display of brazen. corrupt, partisan behavior.

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