Friday, July 7, 2017

Trump the Culture Warrior Body-Slams the Liberal Media Like a Boss

One of my neighbors accosted me about Trump’s incessant, sometimes playful, sometimes personal and painful tweets.

Here’s what I told him:

“Trump is going around the left-wing media which has been pushing their left-wing narrative for decades. He is also helped exposing this bias and now routinely puts on open display.”

It’s been barely six months, but still the bipolar, bi-coastal want Trump to stop tweeting. Some of the Republicans in Washington want him to stop, too. I say: Stop asking the President to stop tweeting! I love it! I love every letter, every meme, every heart-warming, America-promoting, anti-Big Media snubbing bit of it.

He is a down to earth voice for you and me, as local media turns into a hulking, generalized mass dedicated to destroying the president. The stock market is soaring and jobs are coming back. Why won’t the press report on this? They were goo-goo for Obama when the market was rallying weren’t they?

He actually provides real news!

The Goldbergs, Jonah and Bernard, are all wrong: There is nothing wrong with Trump’s epic Twitterama smack-down of the press, bad politicians, and everything PC.

Yet the national media bigwigs like the Big Three (ABC, CBS, BCS) and the editorialists (if anyone still reads them) are clinging to their gatekeeper role, which they’ve dominated for decades, from Walter Cronkite to Jake Tapper. “We are the spouters of All the News that Fits our Narrative! We are not about to be pushed aside by a reality show rodeo clown.”

Trump’s answer? “Cannon Ball!”

Their fearful condescension has handed to the President the final and fulfilling role of notary, votary, and broadcaster, all rolled into one. Trump has taken down the corrupt media phalanx like a boss. The meme showing Trump in a World Wrestling Federation (WWF) ring beating down CNN with chairs, then cutting off his hair is pure dope-opera fun. Except that the outcome of this fight is real, and the media frauds like CNN are the dopes getting jack-hammered. “What’re you gonna do, brothers?”

Dinesh D’Souza, interestingly enough, caught the spirit of this wonderful, conservative resurgence. Trump has indeed saved the Supreme Court, and ensured a right-leaning, pro-constitutional leadership for decades to come. He is not Hillary Clinton, although I think that Trump exceeds beyond not being a corrupt, kleptocratic politician-madam. He is driving the Left crazy, and beating them at their own game on their turf!

How? By taking on and taking down the media.

There is so much to admire about our President. He may come off like a thuggish brawler, but he is tap-dancing with grace and style against one of the most sinister threats to our culture. This is about more than CNN, but the perverted press. They don’t report the news, but drive a destructive narrative to create a more “progressive” society, one in line with the dangerous ideals of Academia rather than an American culture based on constitutionalism, limited government, and individual liberty.

Trump is the unlikely knight-errant of our cultural wars to Make America Great Again. I still can’t wrap my head around it, but it’s so true. Despite his numerous failings, and his long previous record of very liberal views, this man has become the conservative champion I have waited for!

He is the first Republican of the modern times who has stood on the media’s field of battle—not more than a faux wrestling cage—and brought them to their desperate knees.

Think about it. Republicans’ greatest enemy has been liberal media bias. Republican presidents have had an adverse, adversarial relationship with the media since … whenever! Abraham Lincoln had reporters arrested for their seditious behavior against the Union efforts. Modern day sedition includes lies about WMD (they found them) and their fear-driven attention to non-essentials in our culture. 

Teddy Roosevelt called invasive investigative journalists “Muckrakers.” Fast-forward to Eisenhower, who enjoyed a relatively peaceful relationship with the press, only because he was a war hero. His successor Richard Nixon, however, never fared well with reporters, especially on television. The media had pretty much chosen their gilded successor: another member of the Kennedy clan. Plus they did nothing about rampant allegations of voter fraud in 1960. Two years later, following another epic election failure, Nixon groused at a press conference: “You won’t have me to kick around anymore.”

Despite his triumphs in 1968 and even more so in 1972 (49 states!), Nixon drew up an Enemy’s List, including media talking heads. Like Lyndon Baines Johnson before him, he needed Walter Cronkite to like him or his agenda was finished. Watergate fell, and the negative public opinion that followed flooded him out.

Gerald Ford was mercilessly pilloried in the press. Entertainment media routinely mocked him after he stumbled off a plane during the first month of his administration: The Johnny Carson Show and Saturday Night Live. They coasted to decent ratings at Ford’s expense. He did nothing about it.
Reagan was special, the first Republican to counter-act the liberal media attack. He went over their heads and spoke to the American people heart to heart. He mocked reports, too, and once told hecklers to “Shut Up!” after his 1980 landslide victory. But Reagan never hit the core problem: liberal media was inherently corrupt, determined to promote Democratic candidates and core liberal values at all costs. Trump has handled this challenge handily---and handed the Big Bad Media their own head on a lance.

How has Trump accomplished this momentous, challenging, yet necessary task? Social media, certainly. But the media handed him the sword for him to decapitate them. After eight years of Obama, particularly the two years of Hillary hocking on every major news outlet and paper, it was painfully clear to Americans of all backgrounds how far in the tank they were for the Left. Americans loathed the arrogant press for going after their guns and their Bibles, their livelihood and their values. Trump captured this vicious animosity and campaigned on it!

And still does, and he keeps winning like a boss!

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