Friday, July 7, 2017

Success! City of Torrance Officially Opposes "Sanctuary State" SB 54

The winning!

The winning never stops, even for California conservatives and Trump supporters.

For about three months, off and on, I had communicated a number of concerns with the Torrance City Council.

I wanted them to issue an official letter/resolution in opposition to SB 54, dubiously labeled "The California Values Act", when it should be called the "California Lawlessness Act", as it would turn California into a sanctuary state for illegal aliens.


The bill, if passed, would forbid local, county, and state law enforcement officials from communicating with ICE following the arrest or release of an illegal alien from detention or imprisonment. Illegal alien criminals, who should not even be in our country, would remain in the state of California, free from ICE detainers and deportation.

This stance is untenable, a brazen disregard for our nation's laws and security.

This cannot stand.

I contacted each of my city councilmembers, urging them to reject SB 54 and stop this robbery of our state's security and well-being.

I was met with concerns, and some councilmembers did share their opposition or displeasure with the bill. But the city council did nothing. No one offered a motion of concurrence. No one brought up the issue for public discussion.

Then I received the following notice from Robin Hvidston of We the People Rising about opposition to SB 54:

Association for Los Angeles Deputy Sheriffs
Association of Deputy District Attorneys
California Police Chiefs Association
California State Sheriffs Association
City of Camarillo
City of Glendora
City of Torrance
Kern County Board of Supervisors
Los Angeles Police Protective League
Peace Officers Research Association of California
Shasta County Board of Supervisors
The Remembrance Project
We the People (Rising)
West Covina City Council
Numerous individuals
Analysis Prepared

City of Torrance was listed!

I checked the last two bill analyses for SB 54.

Here are the snippets I have taken to share with the public:

There it is, folks!

Torrance is official on record in opposition to SB 54!

How did I miss this incredible development?

Councilman Rizzo informed me as follows:

"It was not an item on the agenda. It was handled through the city's normal process of legislative review."

Fine with me. I would have preferred the elected officials take a public stance as an elected body; nevertheless, I am SO GLAD that my city has taken an official public stance against sanctuary state ruination!


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