Saturday, July 8, 2017

Domestic Violence in California: Lockyer's Wife Gets Locked Up

From The Nooner:

THE SAD STORY: I don't write on the relationship of former AG Bill Lockyer and Nadia Davis Lockyer, as it has been a sad story played out on social media. Since I'm Facebook "friends," I consider that non-public information. However, it's now gone public with Nadia's arrest on allegations of spousal abuse at a Tuolumne County vacation home on Thursday, reports the Bee's Adam Ashton.

Bill Lockyer served as Treasurer and Attorney General.

He was actually a fairly conservative voice in Sacramento.

He may have helped balance budgets in Sacramento, but his home life is very imbalanced:

Nadia, who has a history of substance abuse problems, reportedly had a blood alcohol level of 0.22%, and allegedly was throwing objects at Bill. A neighbor reported the situation, leading to the arrest.

As Adam notes, Nadia's Facebook posts have vacillated over the month from praising Bill on Father's Day to another post earlier this week that accused Bill of physical and mental abuse, repeating one from earlier this year. The post has been removed, and the latest is a posting by a "friend" with the Twelve Steps.

AA is a cult. The Lockyer family is in big trouble if they are resorting to Bill Wilson's loony, wanna-be spiritual program for help/

It's frankly very sad. We all know that Bill is short-tempered, particularly those of us who were at the Assembly "gate" in the Capitol at the end of session in 1996 in a fight over tribal gaming. It ended publicly before a couple of dozen lobbyists in the hallway with Bill yelling at Assemblyman Phil Isenberg, "Well, f*ck you Mr. Term Limited." 


Lockyer needs to lock up his mouth, but the funny thing about this article is that ... the wife was arrested for domestic violence charges!

Nadia got arrested!

Readers should note that women attack their husbands, too. There are clear cases of women charged and convicted for domestic violence. No man should ever feel ashamed to report on his wife if she attacks him. Sometimes, it's the only way to ensure that she is locked up and put away forever.

It's the saddest story of a political couple in my career and wish the two and their kids the best.

Final Reflection

We are no descending into an epic chaos, in which the elected officials act more like undocumented politicians, with no regard for their private as well as their public lives. If a man cannot govern his own household, what business does he have serving in any elected office or under title of trust?

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