Thursday, August 10, 2017

Making New Hampshire Great Again: Voters Love Gov. Sununu

I wish that I received eblasts like this one. I am worried that in California, we may never have a statewide Republican official ever again. We need to work as hard as possible in Golden State Cali to ensure some kind of fight against the corrupt Demon-rats, hell-bent on destroying our country and our state, and most of all our way of life.

Thank God that Granite State voters opted to bring in a welcome GOP trifecta into their Libertarian-leaning paradise. Constitutional Carry has passed. They are getting close to pushing right-to-work (we will probably have to wait until 2019 to see success on that front).

And the economy is booming like never before.

Check out this eblast from the current NHGOP Chairman:


Governor Chris Sununu and Republican leadership have been working hard for New Hampshire, and the approval numbers tell it all. 

Republican leadership is clearly working for New Hampshire - but we cannot give up the fight. As I email you, Democrats are eager to reverse all of our victories next year and their main target is the Corner Office. 

After 12 straight years of Democratic governors in New Hampshire, we cannot allow the car to be put in reverse. 

Jeanie Forrester
New Hampshire GOP Chair

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