Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Special Meeting in Huntington Park: Corrupt City Council Fails, Brown Supremacists Lose All Composure

The Brown Supremacy "Defend Movement" had the same loafers show up to the August 8th, 2017 city council meeting.

It was crazy. Most of the showed up late!

Check out the first video I took:

Sylvia "Diet Pills" Merlos brought in another guy, who was sitting one seat away from me. He raised his hand twice to try and signal to the police officers in the room that I was disrupting the meeting.

I did not let him get away with it. In fact in the above video you will find me confronting the little man, who refused to look me in the face for whatever reason.

The next confrontation involved the heavy-set photographer who had wrongly implicated Tom Greene and four other patriots in brandishing a firearm to protect themselves:

The black thug was not expecting to be confronted on his hate:

A few minutes later, he tried to grab my Jeff Sessions sign:

He got angry!

Of course, Sergeant Settles did nothing about it!

I went after RG Wong, asking her why she insisted on wearing a dirty hat. She insists on using a flashlight inside the city council chambers, when it's bright as all get out outside!

Then public comment convened.

If I haven't told you already, there were 7 police officers in the room--not counting Corrupt Cosme.

Incredible. The city of Huntington Park has dilapidated into lawlessness and disorder.

It was so bad, that for this special meeting, mayor Sanabria allowed the audience to speak at length on any issue they wanted to, agenda or non-agenda.

It was a full-on litany of Brown Act violations.

Not good.

Check out the extended remarks below:

Sylvia, Edin, and the rest of the not-so merry band of racists spewed their same old lies.

When I addressed the city council, I blasted the Brown Act violations, then the need to let go of more public employees because of the drastic funding cuts to come. Why? The city is a de facto sanctuary city.

After public comment, the deputy city attorney tried to cover for the city council's Brown Act violations. Too late.

I thundered at the city council, especially when they had thrown out Betty Retama at another special meeting, when everyone was told that they must speak to an agenda item only.

Here's the video:

Of course, the meeting got really heated after that when the police decided to clear everyone out of the room.

I learned after the meeting that the city council threw everyone out.


God Bless Jeff Sessions!

Two police officers stood guard outside the city hall, and would not let anyone go back insider. I confronted one of the police officers, who had no idea what he was doing. I then spied one of the other police officers bearing tattoos on his arms. Lawless lawmen are supposed to be protecting Huntington Park, but they cannot keep the crime out of the streets.

Of course, the Brown Supremacists then started chanting "Fuera! Fuera!"

They hid behind children, whom they incited to curse and swear at us. They kept chanting "Mexico! Mexico!" and then "F---- Trump!"

What?! Yes, this happened:

The kids have been brainwashed. It's terrible.

These corrupt, abusive adults are full-on child abuses. That is the most shameful display I have seen yet.

They got really terrified when I did the following

1. I stood my ground
2. I shouted back at them in Spanish and even in French
3. I refused to be pushed aside. I stood my ground and slammed their hateful "indigenous land" myths. One hideous lady was so outraged, she shut down then walked away.
4. Some of the kids later approached me to learn why I support Trump. I shared with them about his pro-life views ... then the Brown Supremacists Sylvia Merlos and RG Wong showed up and lied to them:

This is how desperate they have become.

I also want to remind everyone that Fake Indian Jaguar Redfeather attacked Gary Gileno and Elsa Aldeguer while he was attempting to shut them down from exposing his hatred.

No matter how much they shouted, they could not frighten us. No matter how much they yelled, they could not make any other case than their own bigotry.

And now ... the Huntington Park City Council has continued to push out the city's own citizens.

Final Note:

An older gentleman stumbled and fell in the parking lot. He was drunk, but the shouting crowd of Brown Supremacists did nothing. John Willis and I helped the man to a bench. Many of the kids stopped yelling at us.

One kid was still shouting at us, but then one of the young ladies told him: "Be quiet!"

The same kind of response greeted me in Santa Ana during the July Fourth celebration. Despite their most heated lied, the Brown Supremacists could not convinced the kids that I was some kind of racist. They failed then, and they are failing now.

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