Saturday, July 8, 2017

Munger's Millions Well-Spent? Hadley Campaign Major Fails Continue


Assemblyman David Hadley obviously did not think this statewide bid for governor through.

First, there are the major slip-ups with his website.

Check out what California consultant Matt Shupe had to share:

Then let's find out what where Hadley received his first donation:

We have a Mungerite running for Governor.

This should turn out well. NOT!

From Aaron Park's blog:

David Hadley has no chance of winning Governor. He had told people he was not going to declare until he raised $7.5 Million. I’d lay odds he has $1.98 right now. This is despite the fact that Mr. Hadley himself has told several people that wealthy GOP donor Charles T. Munger, Jr. has committed $1 Million to his effort. I am not sure how that works as one donor can only give about $28K.
Even if Mr. Munger could contribute $1 Million, Mr. Hadley would need another Million to get even with John Cox and then would need the gigantic list of small dollar donors that John Cox has amassed to appear as anything other than a foil.
And here's more.

Guess what David told me about RPLAC, aka RINO-PLAC?

Excuse my slight overstatement to make a point, but there is basically no CRP. There is practically no RPLAC. As far as I know, RPLAC has one paid staffer (Jason Maruca) and a lot of volunteers. They are up against the mightiest political machine in the country. The chair of the ADCC is a volunteer, doing what he/she can. Reading long emails from a person who (as far as I know) has never run for RPLAC, who wants to ask a bunch of rhetorical questions and offer a bunch of opinions about how to MakeCaliforniaGreatAgain, is not a good use of their time or my time.

So, why did he join the Central Committee in the first place?

I guess he's not invested in making California Great Again, either.


And what did Gary SCAM-inoff have to say about Hadley's bid?

Why not look at what other people have to say about this take on the race?

Lots of cynicism and very little hope as it is ...

And Hadley jumps in to make it worse?

Oh brother. When does the hurting stop?

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  1. The last gubernatorial candidate I voted for before I moved out of California was Tom McClintock in the 2003 recall. Those were the days, Arthur! LOL