Saturday, July 8, 2017

Maxine Water Town Hall and VICTORY!

It's been three weeks since We the People took on Maxine Waters at her town hall in Gardena, CA.

We the people have so much to celebrate regarding what happened!

Waters was so terrified.

She had no idea how unpopular she turned out to be!

Check out the winning members of our coalition!

Elsa Aldeguer to the right

Elsa and Dura Young

This is the great shirt that
Nikki Cilantra gave to me!

From left to right: Janet West, Janice Montgomery, and Chanell Temple

We had the Proud Boys and the III%-ers join us, too!

It was incredible--and inspiring!

They even helped lead us in the Pledge of Allegiance:

Check out Mike McGetrick!

The pro-Trump crowd was YUGE!

Check out the Proud Boys Phalanx!

The staffers refused to let us in!

Robert Peete with Samaria!

I love seeing our American flag!

Check out Latino Heat Robert Herrera!

Go Dean!


Go Suave Go!

Fred held the "Poverty Pimp" posters, too!

Check out Robin Hvidston and Keith Hardine:

Look at all the paper work that Rep. Waters deluged on her constituents:

Raul knows the truth about Waters:

Patriots stand together, in style!

Final Reflection

All of us had a great time at the Maxine Waters Town Hall.

The creepy fraud had no idea what hit her.

She was resoundingly booed from inside to the outside.

At one point. we stormed the front of the Nakaoka Center in Gardena, demanding to be let into the hall.

At least we showed real force, real strength in the face of Waters' anti-Trump hate.

As expected, none of the major newspapers covered what happened outside the town hall, but rather provided a live video recording of Waters' chanting "Impeach 45! Impeach 45!"


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