Tuesday, April 4, 2017

What SB 54 is Really About: Is Kevin De Leon Running for US Senate?

Senator Kevin De Leon wants to turn the entire state of California into one forlorn sanctuary state. Federal immigration officials will receive no information from state and local law enforcement to find violent criminal aliens in our neighborhoods.

So, that means that ICE will have to knock on doors throughout communities across the state.

Good job, Kevin!

Now, why is De Leon going to such lengths to undermine the rule of law in California? Why is he trying to wedge his way into undermining federal immigration laws?

One source has told me that De Leon wants to run for United States Senate.

It makes sense, actually.

This SB 54 push has given De Leon national spotlight. His efforts have engaged the left-wing, pro-amnesty base in California. During his final speech before the vote on SB 54, he had the audacity to direct the United States Congress to pass immigration "reform".

When will that old bag retire?!

Really, De Leon thinks that he holds any position of power to tell the federal government what to do.

No way!

But, his ventures into federal issues certainly connects with another very narrow, selfish ambition.

He wants to run for US Senate.

De Leon already has the backing of major left-wing interests in the state of California. From other reports, it would appear that incumbent US Senator Dianne Feinstein is running for re-election. But with the inflamed Bernie-crats, she is deeply unpopular. They see her as a shill for the military-industrial-corporate complex.

She also voted for some of President Trump's cabinet nominees. so the California Left is beside themselves with rage.

A couple of intraparty fights have emerged among the Democratic Party, demonstrating how Democrats who don't side with the ultra-left of the party can expect not only a primary challenge, but unemployment.

Cheryl Brown voted against SB 350  in 2015. She faced a primary challenge into the general election (Dem. vs Dem,), and she got blown out.)

In the state senate, Marty Block was hoping for re-election to SD-39 but former Speaker of the Assembly Toni Atkins wanted that seat, too. Even though Marty was the incumbent, the major progressive political machines in the state were lined up behind Atkins. He knew he would be a goner in a general election against Atkins, so he dropped out.

Kevin's running? I better get going!

It's possible that in a De Leon v. Feinstein match-up, De Leon would harness more ground support and donations than the incumbent. She could very likely lose in such a contest.

So, is he going to throw his hat in the ring and run against DiFi?

Time will tell.

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