Monday, April 10, 2017

Syrian Protest: How to Drive a Bernie-crat Journalist CRAZY!

A few news outlets joined us at the corner of Fifth and Hill Streets to hear our views on the Syria conflict and Donald Trump.

Then this reporter approached me for my views on key issues and the President.

She did not hide that she was a hardcore Bernie supporter, and that she hated Barack Obama as much as she hated Donald Trump.

Yes indeed.

In this clip, she mocked me because I was defending Trump and not afraid to slam or shame people who maligned the President:

She kept attacking me personally, and I forced her to concede that her remarks about me were offensive.

She actually apologized to me for claiming that I idolized Trump!

She was not prepared for me to whip out my camera phone and start recording her, either.

Conservatives should not refrain from holding media personalities and journalists accountable.

Check out the next video:

Then she went off on Merrick Garland, and Barack Obama's decision to nominate him.

In the second part of this interview, she spent more time talking than listening.

I called her out on her monologue, then I plead for her to let me speak.

Since trying to work with liberals, let alone talking with them, I have noticed how they like to change the subject and bounce around from issues.

She wanted to go off on corporate influence in Congress--understandable--but she had asked me about the filibuster rule in the US Senate and the 2/3 majority needed to remove a federal official to be removed from office.

When I went after Bernie Sanders, then exposed that he was a socialist who believed in redistribution of wealth, she ended the interview.

She would then complain that there was no talking to me, and that I had to concede on issues.

Since when do individuals have to "concede" on issues in order to have a civil conversation?

At least she let me speak towards the end, but it's getting more fun to undermine reporters and interviews who want to push a narrative rather than listen to their guests.

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  1. "Don't go! I was gonna make espresso!"
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