Monday, April 24, 2017

Dianne Feinstein's "Accomplishments"

At the Dianne Feinstein Town Hall in West Adams last week, her staff provided a whole lot of paperwork showing her accomplishments in the United States Senate.

Whenever she gets a chance, she talks about the assault weapons ban she ushered through Congress in 1994. Of course, that legislation lapsed in 2004. The deadline was needed, since it was the only way she could get otherwise pro-Second Amendment US Senators on board to vote for the measure.

This Brady Bill did nothing to prevent massive death and destructive from firearms. The best defense against a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun. The NRA has stood their ground on this fact year after year. They do not cave on principle, and as a result they get what they want.

Now in 2017, does Senator Feinstein have anything worth standing on? Has she accomplished anything notable which has expanded the rights and freedoms of United States citizens while limiting or properly directing the role of the government?

Here is all the paperwork she had to share with the public:

The first item, with a nice pink cover, features the Breast Cancer Research stamp:

Yes, that's all very nice, but how does that help the lives of ordinary Americans?

It's a nice feel-good featurette, but not much else.

She has also pushed through legislation turning California land into national preserves, which basically means that the federal government takes the property away from the rest of us:

Here is another land grab which Feinstein pushed through:

Our land would be better managed and protected by local and state ordinance. This is petty micromanaging, and does not require much effort from a US Senator to get passed.

This does not show a high level of achievement.

Anything else from Dianne Feinstein?

Here are her extended remarks against Donald Trump's nominees to different cabinet positions, as well as her opposition to Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch.

Has she actually done anything to ensure the full exercise of our natural rights? Of course not, and her record of withstanding the appointment of federal judges is worse than legendary. She profoundly rejected Miguel Estrada for a circuit nomination, a sad day in judiciary politics in Washington.

Her supporters and her Berniac detractors criticized her for not fighting enough. What more can the Democratic minority in Washington do since they do not have the votes or the following of the American voters throughout the country?

She also believed that the FBI should continue investigating Russian meddling in last year's presidential  election. She has to take these strange detours because she has to throw some blue meet to the progressive base in California.

If she doesn't give them something, they will devour her next!

Here's one more accomplishment" advertised by the Feinstein team:

Food standards. Really.

And of course, the whole climate change nonsense:

With all the talk about fuel standards, she will be sad to learn that EPA Director Scott Pruitt is going to be phasing out this corrupt obsessions with Big Green ideologies altogether. Let market forces roll and stop with the environmental fanaticism eating away out our national charter and our natural rights as American citizens.

That's the way to go.

Final Reflection

US Senator Dianne Feinstein has very little to trot out to demonstrate accomplishments in Washington DC.

Why would she? It's not as though she really had to work for the constituents of California, anyway. She defeated an incumbent, appointed Republican in 1992, then cruised to re-election in subsequent elections since then. She has never worried about a challenge from her Left, and the opposition on the right has been negligible at best.

A challenge from her left could become a real possibility in 2018, though, and judging by the ferocious temperament of progressive left--which has all but taken over the already uber-liberal California Democratic Party, Feinstein is worried about her chances.

If she wants to run on a record of accomplishment, however, she is already behind.


  1. The only worry I have about replacing the commie Finklestein is what lefty loony will take her place.

  2. WHY do these ugly old America hating liberal hags live so damned long??? Sheesh Feinstein... go away forever.

  3. The state of California has elected some real Losers. Gavin Newome will be the next Gov. and probably president one day. The loons will put into power anyone who says these four words in a favorable manner: Climate Change, Sanctuary Cities, Gay & Transgender Rights, and of course Prison Reform.