Thursday, April 27, 2017

BREAKING NEWS: El Monte Mayor Hosting Another Illegal Alien Town Hall TONIGHT!--And Kept It Hidden from the Public

I cannot believe how low the Mayor of El Monte, California would go.

I love illegals, because "

Andre Quintero brazenly moderates a town hall for illegal aliens, to teach them how to avoid arrest and detainment from federal law enforcement.

He sponsors the meeting with Congresswoman Grace Napolitano (D-El Monte), who should be charged with treason for pushing this terrible event in the first place.

I was assaulted--twice--and my phone was stolen.

We the People Rising had to be escorted out by the police, and they commanding officers did nothing to detain the thugs who had attacked me and stole my phone.

Then I get this tip from a resident in the city--who has asked not to be named, for fear of retaliation--that Quintero is hosting another town hall TODAY, and he violated the Brown Act by refusing to publicize the event!

Here are the contents of the email:

City of El Monte / 2017 Immigration Forum

Hosted by:  Mayor Andre Quintero 
Location:     Nativity Church
                    3743 Tyler Avenue
                    El Monte Ca 91731

Time:           6:00 p.m - 9:00 p.m

This town hall meeting or forum has been hidden from the general public and being made only available to certain people who need it.  The city is obligated by law to publish every meeting and give notice to the citizens.  Because of the last forum the City has pulled all social media information in hopes that the same people who showed up last time do not show up again. Many El Monte residents are afraid to show up to these events because they will be retaliated against by the Mayor, either going after friends or relatives who work in the City or will use other ways on not having any groups who support our commander in chief.  We need help, they are making the Clerk Jon Hawes from preventing publishing notices of this event and has asked him to take down posts on his personal social media promoting this event.  I think he is scared because he was told the event was canceled but the police department (as of yesterday) are attending in great numbers to prevent certain groups from interrupting or speaking period who is not a undocumented individual. I fear retaliation by sending this email but i want to let people know that hiding public meeting from the public's is illegal and against the browns act.     

After the last el monte illegals town hall, congresswoman Grace decided not to retire from congress after all and give her seat to mayor quintero. he has been campaigning for her seat and she has been taking him to the DNC and telling all the democrats that he will be her replacement. after she saw for herself how the mayor is in el monte she decided she needed to stay longer. NOW Andre Quintero is going to make the lives hell for any grass roots, independent or republican.
You can call city call to double check the forum but keep in mind- they may lie so call the church and or other places if you do not believe me, hope you can reword this email and send it on social media and ask other to help here in el monte, i dont like hearing police officers brag about getting so much in overtime just to baby sit people at a meeting. 

So ... Quintero was hoping for an easy ride to replace Napolitano in Congress.


This whole  illegal alien town hall was a twice-over political stunt.

First, for Napolitano to make it seem like she cared about "the undocumented" in her district.

Second, for Quintero to promote his own political ambitions.

This is outrageous!

And to make it worse, it looks as if the taxpayers will have to pay police officer overtime, too!

Of course, now that We the People Rising showed up, we have disrupted their heinous plans!


To confirm this story, I contacted the Nativity Church--and the speaker indeed confirmed that the town hall at the church.


Call the Mayor's office, and slam him for this egregious violation of federal law as well as the Brown Act!

Mayor's Office: (626) 580-2015
Chief of Police: (626) 580-2131
Main Office: (626) 580-2001

'Jonathan Hawes' (
'CouncilEmailFromWebsite' (;
'Tiffany Dominguez' (;
'Victoria Martinez' (;
'City Clerk' (;
'Christopher Williams' (;;
'Theresa Mendez' (;
'Human Resources' (;;
'Griselda Contreras' (;

'Leticia Aguilar' (

Contact the church and tell them to stop promoting immigration lawlessness!

Nativity Church
Address3743 Tyler Ave, El Monte, CA 91731


  1. FINALLY. Someone who speaks the truth that King Quintero can't bully or intimidate. Congratulations are in order.

    1. yes isaw a whole bunch illegals protected by empd leaving the church