Sunday, April 30, 2017

John Kasich for President in 2020? Please Go Away, RINO Johnnie!

John Kasich.

The governor of Ohio has to sign off on conservative reforms because of a hard-core, supermajority Republican legislature.

As Presidential contender, all he wanted to do was make nice and preach hollow niceties all while abandoning conservative principles and pushing a smarmy liberalism that taxes us into oblivion and forcing higher spending.

Give me a break.

Check out this report from Kyle Plantz of the New Hampshire Insider:

The flurry of activity in the Granite State this week has some calling it the start of the 2020 New Hampshire primary. Former Democratic presidential candidate Martin O’Malley held some meet-and-greets and a town hall meeting on Sunday, and former Vice President Joe Biden is headlining the state Democratic Party’s fundraising dinner on April 30. Smack dab in the middle of the two Democrats is Republican Gov. John Kasich, who visited the state on Thursday to promote his new book.

It felt like a reunion of sorts for Kasich, his team, and over 200 supporters who came to hear him speak at the New Hampshire Institute of Politics at Saint Anselm College. In a small gathering before his speech, he thanked key allies for their help during the 2016 Republican presidential primary. Even though Kasich was in the state in August to campaign for Gov. Chris Sununu in his gubernatorial bid, it’s his first foray back to New Hampshire since Trump won the White House.

John Kasich is now the anti-Trump Establishment favorite.

They can control him, they know that he will make nice and play along with special interests, including the Chamber of Commerce Main Street Crowd.

He wants to grant amnesty to 11 million illegal aliens. He has already jumped in bed with the Big Green renewable energy lobby, which is more government subsidy than energy independence.

And he's the outgoing governor of Ohio, the swing state which old-timey Republican operatives still see as the swing of all swing states, and the lynchpin for any future national efforts.

He also lasted slightly longer than Ted Cruz, whom the Republican Establishment loathed just as much as Trump.

Of course, there was an elephant in the room (and not just because the room was chock full of Republicans): is Kasich going to run for president again in 2020? Those waiting with bated breath will have to wait a bit longer.

“People ask why I am back,” Kasich said. “I am back to sell books.”

Selling books? Romney played the same game shortly after his losing 2008 bid for the Presidency. In 2012, he had tried to tack a similar line and failed. The working-class white vote which Trump scooped up and won with did not turn out for Romney.

The Evangelical vote also sat out the election.

Remember that the Chamber of Commerice, Big Business phalanx of the Republican Party wanted Romney and also wanted Jeb in 2016, then switched to Kasich, who in turn complied with their demands for cheaper labor and corporate cronyism.

His new book, “Two Paths: America Divided or United,” came out on Tuesday and one of his first stops in his book tour was New Hampshire, so it’s easy to see where the 2020 speculation comes from.

He mostly talked about his 2016 campaign and national politics, with some advice to his followers who are unhappy with President Donald Trump.

“In course of running for president, something happened to me that never happened before,” he said. “I was, like, so boring, you know, and boring didn’t cut it.”

Kasich finished second in last year’s first-in-the-nation presidential primary, far behind Trump (35 percent to 16 percent). Yet, Kasich spent more time in the state than any other candidate, holding more than 100 town halls during the primary.

Still for all of that work, Kasich came up short.

100 town halls, and he barely edged into second place, and kept other candidates at bay against Donald Trump. It's not surprise, since Kasich was out of touch with the desires of the Republican base as well as the growing concerns of the general American electorate. Would Kasich have had any kind of chance of winning Pennsylvania? Wisconsin?

Nope. He did not respect the guns and the Bibles of the same Middle America which Obama had scorned two months before Election Day 2008.

Now he wants to sell books. Lets see what the sales turn out to be ...

Kasich is still popular in the Granite State, and he said he had a feeling he would return often because he has many friends here, so he could become a regular face in these parts over the next three years.

What about this book?

In Two Paths: America Divided or United, Kasich blamed Trump’s electoral win on groups ranging from the media to dishonest politicians, but he also said one of the main reasons Trump won was because of the spiritual decline in America.

Excuse me?

This coming from the same guy who said "I am past the gay marriage issue," who believed in the freedom of worship (restricting freedom of conscience) and incarceration of bakers and florists who don't want to assist the celebration of same-sex weddings.

For the record, the Evangelical vote exceeded by a wide margin the 2008 and the 2012 elections. Christian voters saw the damage done by the secularizing Obama Administration, and the imminent threats to the First Amendment. The wide phalanx of voters confronted the stark contrast and feared the worst should Wicked Hillary become President.

They voted their Bible. They demonstrated true religious fervor in voting for Trump.

Yet Kasich slams America's voters as suffers of moral decline.

Kasich the man is insufferable.

So much so, that national Republican officials have declared that they want nothing more to do with that selfish Ohio Governor. I don't blame them. Kasich is a "me-player" not a team player.

He's an insufferable liberal masuerading as a Republican. He shames conservatives and moderates with this religious veneer, while at the same time agreeing that freedom of conscience is not a right worth fighting for.

Whatever he may have done in Ohio, much of it rests on a conservative legislature which passed key bills to stop waste, fraud, and union abuse. For all ofhis well-placed attempts in the first two years of his tenure, he caved on too many issues afterwards. His influence in the Ohio state party has also waned, as his favorite to head the state party lost to Donald Trump's pick.

Honestly, though, a Kasich run may be just the thing to thoroughly demoralize the Big Business/Big Amnesty/Make Nice wing of the Republican National Committee.

Wouldn't that be great?

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