Sunday, April 23, 2017

California Secretary of State Does not Know About the Sanctuary State Legislation

We the People Rising kick butt all over California. 

Robin Hvidston and her partner in patriotism Raul Rodriguez of America First Latinos gave a key presentation to the Auburn Republican Women Federated, a city 60 miles north of Sacramento.

After their presentation, they rushed back to the Sacramento airport to get home by the end of the evening.

And guess who they ran into?!

Secretary of State Alex Padilla!

This video clip from We the People Rising lasts a little over one minute.

In this small space of time, however, we learn that this Secretary of State does not know about SB 54 and SB 6.


SB 54: Turning California into a sanctuary state, in which law enforcement will not be permitted to communicate with ICE.

SB 6: Funding legal counsel for illegal aliens.


How can this man claim any status of responsibility in the state of California, when he doesn't even pay attention to the highlighted pieces of legislation coursing through the state legislature? This is beyond crazy.

Oh, and this Padilla fellow is the same thug who has enabled illegal aliens to register to vote!

But at least for We the People Rising, they had another runner!

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