Tuesday, April 11, 2017

We the People Rising Photobomb and Boo Pro-Amnesty Gubernatorial Candidate Antonio Villaraigosa

Cudahy, California's latest councilmember installation meeting was more fun than we had bargained for.

The city council decided to move the ceremony to Lugo Park, the new soccer field which Cudahy Corrupto Chris Garcia had put together with taxpayer dollars to boost his re-election chances.

It was a pretty nice field, and the weather was pretty welcoming. The sun was shining, but not burning, The wind was cool but not disruptive.

Any way, towards the end of the city council meeting, guess who showed up?

Antonio Villaraigosa!

And we had lots of things to say to him!

But first, a few pictures.

A lot of people really liked this one!

What is it, Tony? You do't want ot make America Great Again?


I guess Tony Baloney thinks that he can coast on the anti-Trump vote and has started slumming in Southeast LA Communities looking for their support for next year's primary.

Of course, the only reason he was there was to buff up his long-shot chance to be the next governor of California.

What better way to make a name for yourself than to swear in an elected officer:

Of course, We the People Rising did not sit back and say nothing:

We also added more boos and shouts.

We do not want this guy anywhere near the governor's mansion!

Here's one more clip where I really let Villaraigosa have it!

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