Monday, April 17, 2017

Media Wins and Fails: Napolitano's Lawless Town Hall EXPOSED

The San Gabriel Valley Tribune actually wrote a pretty decent article about the Napolitano Town Hall for illegal aliens.

There were major victories for We the People Rising and for me in particular.

We really shook up the illegal aliens and their enablers, including the charities and legal services which were looking to make an easy buck at the expense of taxpayers and while promoting lawless treason.

A group of protesters, some sporting “Make America Great Again” hats and other clothing in support of President Donald Trump, interrupted a “Know Your Rights” information forum for undocumented immigrants hosted by Congresswoman Grace Napolitano, D-El Monte, Friday night.

We interrupted the lawlessness and lies coming out of the mouths of the corrupt mayor and his cohort of treasonous frauds.

We are allowed to do that.

The event, held at the city’s Grace T. Black Auditorium, was meant to provide residents with information about legal protections and resources for immigrants, as well as about the naturalization process.

Legal or illegal? Notice that the media refuse to provide clear distinctions!

Video footage posted to Youtube on Saturday showed a brief shoving match that broke out between two attendees after El Monte Mayor Andre Quintero ended the event early following multiple outbursts from the audience.

The audience -- not just Trump supporters.

One of the protesters wearing a MAGA hat and a Trump flag as a cape had his cell phone knocked out of his hand, then was pushed by another man. Quintero and police separated the two. A pair of officers then escorted the protester from the building.

This event above happened to me and these crimes should have been the focus of the article.

About 25 people protested the event before it began, and made loud, disruptive comments inside once the event started, Napolitano said.

Napolitano disrupted the community when she decided to host a criminal, treasonous town hall.

The congresswoman said the event, which included representatives from Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights of Los Angeles and Catholic Charities Los Angeles, still provided all the information the hosts intended to, despite the interruptions and early end.

She said she thought it was clear the Trump supporters had come not to listen but to “make noise.”

Wrong. Do we really care what Mrs. 18% Usury Napolitano really thinks?

“Someone said they had called (Immigration and Customs Enforcement),” Napolitano said. “They were trying to intimidate our residents.”

That was me!

One of those people who said he called ICE and U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions to report the event was Torrance resident Arthur Schaper, the protester who was later pushed.

Finally someone said something

“It was offensive,” Schaper said Sunday. “(Napolitano) took an oath to uphold Constitution, and now she’s sponsoring a town hall that teaches illegal aliens about rights they don’t have.”


Schaper, president of the Beach Cities Republicans and member of pro-immigration-enforcement group We the People Rising, admitted to yelling out during the event, which he said was to “call out” when the speakers were lying. He was the only person escorted out of the event by El Monte police.

Indeed. Why was I escorted out? I did nothing wrong. I hammered the El Monte police chief and staff about this perversion of justice. At the least the press did something to hold them accountable.

Schaper said Sunday that the city invited lawlessness and anarchy by holding an event for “illegal aliens,” whom he said were the real antagonizers at the event. He said he is looking to press charges against the woman who knocked his cell phone from his hands, a man who shoved him and the woman who picked up his phone off the ground.

I have pressed charges. 

Here is the creepy lady who hit the phone out of my hand:

Here's the pervert who pushed me:

And here's the lady who stole my phone:

While Congresswoman Judy Chu, D-Monterey Park, canceled a similar event scheduled for Monday in Alhambra, Napolitano said she didn’t want to cancel hers despite hearing that people may look to cause trouble there.

Chu should never have proposed an illegal alien town hall, and neither should have Napolitano!

“I don’t think we should be intimidated by those folks,” Napolitano said.

In the Youtube video, as one of the panelists who attended the event began to speak in Spanish, a protester yelled for him to “speak English.”

Good for We the People Rising!

Quintero served as moderator for the event. Several protesters targeted the mayor with chants and shouts, including some who asked about his immigration status.

Quintero said he was taken aback by the protests. He said the event was an information session and not a debate on immigration policy.

He will be even more taken aback when AG Jeff Sessions cuts the federal funding and starts arresting corrupt, lawless elected officials like the Mayor Andre Quintero of El Monte.

I look forward to that day!

“It’s unfortunate that the president’s supporters are so filled with hate, but it’s a reflection of the president in the White House,” Quintero said. “His supporters are just as mean-spirited.”

In an email sent Saturday to Quintero, Hermosa Beach resident Ken Hartley admonished Quintero for hosting what he called an illegal meeting.

This information is a serious breach of privacy. Shame!

“The disrespect you have now shown to our nation, our constitution, and to the people in that audience is truly disgraceful,” Hartley wrote.

Way to go, Ken!

Quintero praised the El Monte Police Department and the locals in attendance for maintaining their composure despite the antagonism they had faced.

“The antagonizers were trying to instigate a fight,” Quintero said. “They wanted one moment to rally people against the congresswoman or anyone else.”

The true antagonism falls on the corrupt mayor, Congresswoman Napolitano, and the police department.


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