Thursday, April 20, 2017

Whittier, CA School District Goes Sanctuary District, But Won't Say So!

So, Whittier Law School closes.

But Whittier City School District public schools are still open for business--or easy taxpayer dollars--and instead of respecting our federal immigration laws, the district and staff are drafting plans to circumvent and frustrate law enforcement to protect illegal alien children and their families.

The Whittier Daily News reports:

The board of the Whittier City School District will avoid calling themselves a “sanctuary” for undocumented immigrants, officials said in a meeting Tuesday, but will still draft a policy for what to do in the event federal immigration agents enter one of their campuses to detain a student.

Can anyone tell me why the school district has avoided the term "sanctuary" to designate itself as no longer in compliance with federal immigration laws? The district does not want to lose nay fund

School board members Tuesday reached a tentative agreement to direct Superintendent Ron Carruth to develop a policy for any dealings with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

For "dealing with" ICE?

They are a federal law enforcement agency! Since when do locally elected school boards and municipal boards decide which laws they will abide by and which ones they will ignore? This kind of subtle arrogance is uprooting the stability of our state. How much more of this arrogant diffidence are we going to have to tolerate?

Shame on them? The superintendent should have fired back an immediate rejection to this proposal!

Board President Cecilia Perez said the district was pursuing the policy because “there is a lot of fear out there and the idea is to put (parents and children) at ease.”

There is a lot of fear because the illegal aliens in Whittier and throughout the state are realizing that all the fawning talk and brazen comfort from Democratic politicians was all talk and no action. In truth, there is nothing that locally elected officials could really do to protect illegal aliens from the federal government.

Perez acknowledged that ICE agents coming on to the campus of one of the district’s K-8 schools to arrest a student was unlikely. But she said the district’s new resolution would allow the superintendant SIC! TYPO!] to develop training for principals and teachers on how to respond if that ever happened, as well as what legal options the school would have.

What is going on here? Am I seriously reading this perverse disregard for the rule of law? What ever happened to elected officials and local administrators abiding by the rule of law, respecting elected officials, and demonstrating a firm respect for the laws and customs of the United States?

“Anything is possible, but if (immigration agents) were to come, the law says they need a warrant,” Perez said.

Hmm .... isn't that the case for all crimes? How is this really a surprise?

Carruth is expected to bring the final resolution back to the board at its May 9 meeting.

“This is going to allow the superintendent to train our staff — our principals and teachers — and set protocols in case an incident were to happen,” said board President Cecilia Perez.

The plan is expected to have all staff members — including positions like lunch personnel and nurses — call the superintendent if they encounter an ICE agent.

Wouldn't that proposal put the staff members in legal jeopardy? What is this madness?

Then, Carruth would call the school district’s attorneys for advice to make sure students’ rights are protected.

Illegal aliens do not have rights! We the People have rights, since we are citizens. The Constitution is for citizens, not for illegal aliens. How many more times will I have to write this to make my point?

Now comes the best part:

Unlike other school districts that have decided to adopt the term, the word “sanctuary” will not appear in the proposed resolution. The board debated a month ago on whether to include the politically fraught term in the immigrant rights resolution.

Why is "sanctuary" so politically charged? It would set up the district to lose federal funding! I imagine that this school receives millions in Title I money for the low-income lunches and other government freebies handed out to the illegal aliens.

All paid for by you and me the taxpayers. 

Perez in a Wednesday telephone interview said she’s OK with not using the term. The resolution instead declares Whittier City a “safe zone.” It’s exactly the same, she said.

Of course, lawless disregard for federal law will not create safe zones. They certainly did not protect Kathryn Steinle!

Final Reflection

The desperation is palpable in local jurisdictions throughout the state of California.

And yet all the heartfelt hopes to stand up to the federal government and immigration enforcement will count for nothing. It's not going to work.

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