Monday, April 17, 2017

Director of We the People Rising BLASTS Biased Media RE: El Monte Illegal Alien Town Hall

Robin Hvidston, the Director of We the Poeople Rising, contacted reporter Christopher Yee for his flawed report on the events from the treasonous April 14, 2017 Illegal Alien Town Hall hosted by Congresswoman Grace Napolitano (D-El Monte).

The initial report was missing key information.

The original title event listed We the People Rising as "anti-immigrant", which is a total lie.

The letter is excellent, and very thorough!

Robin Hvidston (left)

Thank you, Robin Hvidston of We the People Rising!

Mr. Yee:

I would like to speak to you on the telephone regarding your article "Illegal Immigration Protesters Interrupt Immigration Forum."  

I was in attendance at the immigration forum.

First of all, I would like to thank you for publishing the paragraph revealing why Rep Judy Chu cancelled her Immigration Forum. I had read your article in which Rep Judy Chu, who is my representative, was promoting her forum and then she abruptly cancelled it. I had contacted you to follow up on why she had cancelled the meeting, so thank you for including that information in the article.

Of note, our organization opposes ILLEGAL entry into the USA and we are in support of those who are legally present in the USA and have members who legally immigrated to this country and are now U.S. citizens.

Christopher Yee

I would point out that at a forum held by a member of congress an attendee's phone was stolen as he was struck by a female and struck by a male. This was all recorded. As well as the cell phone thievery was recorded. A CRIME OCCURRED. An expensive cell phone was stolen RECORDED ON VIDEO, and the theft occurred as police officers were on scene!

Here is the video - which is included in the article.

This crime is not referenced in the article. In fact,  the cell phone is not even referenced until paragraph 12.  In the article, it would seem the cell phone was just placed on the ground and then someone just picked it up. WRONG! It was stolen. And the video evidence, which is featured in the article, demonstrates how the cell phone continued to record as it was stolen and then disposed of - and the Facebook audience was horrified as they  were watching the assault and theft live on Facebook.  How could this article have been published without the theft of the expensive cell phone being the centerpiece of the article? Again, it was stolen as it was broacasting live on Facebook.

In addition, the article is inaccurate as it does NOT depict that there were those in the audience in support of illegal immigration who were shouting and hollering. People shouted out "F  Donald Trump" repeatedly. At one point, a group broke out in a loud and concerted chant, in my opinion, they were trying to shut the meeting down. But there was no mention by the mayor or the congresswoman about the outbursts and the yelling that continually went forward by those supporting illegal immigration. They would at times stand up and shout out. They put their cameras in the faces of the Trump supporters and were disruptive during the meeting. One of our members who was escorted to her car by an officer after the meeting had ended, asked why there was so much yelling by those groups, and he told her they were from out of town for the most part.

Here's the video of one creepy pro-illegal panderer harassing a black woman:

I would like to talk to you about doing a follow up article. One that would reflect the FACTS - an expensive cell phone was stolen at an event held by a member of congress and that theft was broadcast live on Facebook. In addition, the interruption and shouting by those in support of illegal immigration should also be included in the article. 

Readers of your article deserve to know the facts. Both sides should have fair coverage in the article.

The citizens of the state of California are not going to sit in the back of the bus

We will not permit illegal aliens and their enablers to drown us out and remove our rights while illegals violate the laws of our nation.

We are only just now beginning to turn up the heat on this rampant, treasonous lawlessness!

Stand up for what is right.

This country is worth fighting for because We the People are worth fighting for!

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