Thursday, April 13, 2017

Hawaii RINOs Love Tax Increases!

With Republicans like these, who needs Democrats?

Meet Hawaii's Own Big-Spendin',
High Tax-Lovin' RINO Bob 

Aloha Republicans:

As you know (and as history keeps teaching us), destroying the Republican Party FROM THE INSIDE is the goal of RINO's.   Aaron "Ling" Johanson did his part for several years.  Then Beth Fukumoto took closet Democrat destruction to new heights.  Well, now it's RINO Bob McDermott's turn.

Yesterday, fake conservative Bob McDermott and his RINO colleague -- beauty pageant contestant Lauren Cheape -- showed the media and the voters exactly how clueless Republicans can be.  By voting for a $2 billion tax hike in 2015 and another $1.2 billion yesterday, these RINO's make closet Democrat Cynthia Thielen look conservative by comparison.

Watch this video and see Bob "Nostradamus" McDermott's twisted RINO justifications and bogus defenses for the damaging agenda of the Democrat Machine and the Rail Cartel. Auwe!


DESTROYING any hope of the GOP being viewed as the fiscally conservative alternative to high-taxing, big-spending Democrats.  And the same goes for social and economic issues too.
WARNING:  The same liberals running our state party into the ground for the past two decades are the same RINO's who are trying to retain control of the Hawaii GOP.
e Republicans . . . or are we merely a mirror image of local Democrats, thereby helping to create an illusion of a 2-party system by having a few R's in office?

YOUR ASSIGNMENT:  Take a VERY close look at all factions and candidates vying for your support in the internal party officer elections next month.  Don't let buzzwords and resumes and namedropping fool you.  Take a look at the backers of these candidates for party office.  Remember that the smoke and mirrors of campaign messaging is designed to trick you.  That trickery is used inside our party every two years when electing party leaders.  After lots of fuss, lots of delegate organizing, charter flights to conventions, speeches and flyers, the next thing you know, nothing has really changed. Instead, it continues getting worse.

LEARN FROM -- DON'T REPEAT -- HISTORY:  The RINO's calling the shots behind the scenes at the Hawaii GOP (Saiki, Hellreich, Marumoto) have the full support of RINO's like Big-Spendin', Tax-Lovin' RINO Bob McDermott.  And Bob McDermott has joined forced with these RINO's to pick the next chairman of the Hawaii GOP.

Once you can see the repeating patterns every two years, it's easy to figure out that RINO's are destroying our party from the inside.  What do they want?  They want the political and policy flexibility to decide what it means to be a Republican . . . even if it really means voting like a Democrat.  But remember -- it's YOUR party, not theirs.

Join HIRA today.   Only HIRA is taking steps to regularly point this out and take steps to correct the underlying problems.  So, let's fix our party.  Let's win elections.  Let's fix Hawaii.  And let's do these things as committed Republicans who make a compelling and unapologetic case for change.  Thanks!

President, Hawaii Republican Assembly (HIRA)
Chairman, HIRA Action SuperPAC

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