Monday, April 24, 2017

Hawaii RINOs Get Owned: So Much Conservative Winning!

Do you want to know how to fight back against intra-party GOP corruption?

Every blue state Republican needs to know how the Hawaiian Islands Republican Assembly is taking down names and keeping scores.

They let know RINOs get away with anything.

This is how it has to work. It's not about titles, but the truth.

It's about fighting for what's right, and doubling down when you don't get it.

Check out how the HIRA took on the RINO establishment and thwarted their perverse attempt to fire every one of the newly-elected HIRA-aligned Central Committee members:

Coordinated RINO Smear Attack on Oahu GOP County Leaders FAILS

*** '18 Guv Candidate Bob McDonut Explodes in a Rage at HQ ***

Aloha, Republicans:

On Friday, HIRA broke the story that closet Democrats and RINO's in the Hawaii GOP -- including multiple left-leaning GOP state legislators who usually vote with Democrats -- had organized a coup d'etat against the newly-elected Honolulu county leadership of the GOP.  Fritz Rohlfing had abused his authority by overturning the elections of six newly-elected county officers on Oahu and five newly-appointed house district chairs in one fell swoop.  This was a power grab like you've never seen.

Well, yesterday HIRA broke the story that Saturday, April 22nd was supposed to be an historic day for RINO's on which the icing would be spread on Team Rohlfing's RINO cake.  But a special meeting of the Oahu GOP county committee had been called to deal with the aftermath of "Fritzy Boy's" deliberate and ill-advised power play.  The worst GOP state chairman in history orchestrated a conspiracy to install his longtime RINO puppet and eager towelboy Boyd Ready (the loserof the county chair election four weeks ago) to become his puppet for the next two years.  That's why the winners of those county elections had to be fired; to make way for the RINO towelboy.

At stake was preserving the RINO power grab co-orchestrated by Boyd Not-So-Ready with his co-conspirators listed below.  You see, Boyd really, really, really wanted to be county chairman.  And because he's a useless do-nothing puppet boy, RINO's Rohlfing, Ward, McDermott and Andria Tupola wanted TowelBoyd Ready to become the Honolulu GOP county chair.  It didn't matter to them if they had to throw out election results using the Fritz "I have no integrity and I worship Satan" Rohlfing's patented method of writing fake legal findings in order to rule an election null and void.  And it didn't matter how much lying, cheating and stealing was necessary.  "Burn down the party if we have to, for Andria Tupola" seems to be their motto.

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