Sunday, April 23, 2017

Anaheim: The Happiest Place on Earth for ... Illegal Aliens?

Anaheim City Council has gotten into trouble before for playing nice with illegal aliens and pandering to open borders and amnesty advocates.

Check out what happened to We the People Rising and Trump supporters in general who blasted the city council for trying to condemn then candidate Trump.

In more recent reports, the Anaheim City Council is flirting with appointing illegal aliens to their own city commissions!

Have they not learned the lessons regarding what happened to Huntington Park once that city descended into the madness of disregarding and undermining citizenship? Let us not forget that Attorney General Jeff Sessions has issued clear, blistering warnings to sanctuary jurisdictions to reject thwarting immigration officials, or face the penalties for doing so.

Anaheim and other liberal municipalities throughout California are not learning their lessons. Do they really believe that they can reject federal dictates on immigration?


First, they tried to condemn Donald Trump.

Now they want to condemn President Trump's travel ban.


The city council is also leaning toward removing all the tax credits for the hotel industry throughout the city. What are they thinking? Don't they realize the abrupt costs they are placing on the public services?

Once, Anaheim prided itself on furnishing for the entire world "The Happiest Place on Earth.

Now it looks like Anaheim wants to be the Happiest Place on Earth for illegal aliens.

I wonder how many people will want to visit Disneyland once the crime rate skyrockets and the quality of life diminishes.

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