Sunday, April 23, 2017

Brad Sherman Town Hall: Delusional Democrats (You Wanna Get Into This?!)

Congressman Brad Sherman is a hard-core leftist.

He also hosted a town hall in Reseda, California ... at Reseda High School!

I got a new camera, and I was ready to hold the elected officials accountable!

As soon as I walked up to the high school, guess who I ran into?!

He didn't seem to keen on speaking with me!

If I had had a little where withal, I would have gone after him a little further and demanded more answers. Of course, I actually believed that I would ask him a question.

Please, don't laugh at me.

"You wanna get into this?!"

Here are the next set of videos I took:

I walked in and faced some pretty welcome people. This one black man wearing a green shirt and tie was very glad to see me. He handily admitted that he had never seen a Trump supporter before, and he was glad to see me.

The next video shows me going after Sherman for a statement on immigration, and then I tangled with a woman who was pushing the whole single-payer racket.

This woman has joined the single-payer train, and I refused to let her get away with promoting the proposal without justifying.

Later on this woman claimed that I was supporting corporations. Uh, no.

They have been bewitched by the siren song of socialism:

The madness of single-payer supporters is very sad.

Here's the first part of the town hall:

I found a few Trump supporters, or rather they found me. Their presence gave me a greater sense of boldness.

As I was sitting down, a few other people came by and thanked me for attending, even though they did not like Trump and did not agree with many of the viewpoints I share.

It was really nice to get that kind of support. Another lady actually walked up to me and told me: 

"You are very brave. I will go out of my way to protect you. No one better mess with you!"

To this day, I have no idea if she was a Trump supporter or not.

It got really frustrating for me, though, as Congressman Sherman spent more time showcasing fellow politicians rather than answering questions from the audience.

A few people were grateful that I spoke up during the town hall, too.

Here's the second part of the town hall:

You will notice that some of the audience members became particularly hostile.

One of them even told me to move to a red state.

Wolfman (in the center) gave me a hard time.
He was  more light-hearted though, after the meeting.

Another woman fought to enforce the argument that all of us are immigrants. Uh, not me, since I was born in this country.

After the meeting, a number of people approached me to thank me for attending.

One Bernie supporter with a independent media program interviewed me. Glad to speak with him.

Another man shared his views about Trump, and I was willing to listen.

Then the black pastor came back and we started talking. He was really excited when I explained why I supported Donald Trump for President, since he did not expect to get substantive reasons for why.

It was a great time, and I am so glad that it all worked out.

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