Friday, April 28, 2017

Historic! Week Full of Victories for The Remembrance Project

I thank God every day for the Remembrance Project.

They have taken on the important duty of representing the families and loved ones who have lost their loved ones in turn to illegal aliens.

Every state is a border state.

Illegal immigration is not a victimless crime!

And this week, the Remembrance Project saw incredible victories take place!
We The People Rising
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4/21/17 The California members of The Remembrance Project welcomed Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly to California as they staged in front  the border patrol station when Sessions and Kelly addressed the nation at a press conference in San Diego.

The motorcade of Attorney General Sessions and Homeland Security Secretary Kelly.


Remembrance Project Members Give Their Take on Jeff Sessions-John Kelly Address

Part 1 of 2

April 24, 2017
Angel Wife Ruth Johnston Martin:  'Pelosi has lost her way'
CALIFORNIA - Ruth Johnston Martin, widow of Officer Don Johnston tells of the horror her heroic and courageous husband who placed himself in harms way to save the life of an innocent bystander.

An illegal alien, who had been released from jail just three (3) days prior, shot Officer Johnston in the neck, the bullet went through his neck and severed his spine and vocal cord.  He was paralyzed from chest down and was mute before learning to speak

April 27, 2017
Angel Mom Agnes Gibboney Testifies  

WASHINGTON, DC - Angel Mom, Agnes Gibboney gave congressional testimony before the House Oversight & Government Reform.

April 28, 2017

Angel Mom Laura Wilkerson on President Trump's VOICE Program

" April of 2015 we started asking for a
national progam..."

Laura re Natl Program

TEXAS - Laura and George Wilkerson's son, Joshua, was brutally murdered by a DACA-age schoolmate.  Laura attended the press conference to roll-out the VOICE program.  Sec. Kelly, Congressman Bob Goodlatte and other dignitaries attended.
"We asked for this program in April 2015 by sending letters to every governor (see "Latinos Pen Letter to All State Governors") asking for this program. Then, sent a letter to all remaining GOP presidential candidates and Donald Trump was the only one who responded."

Latinos Pen Letter to All State Governors:
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  1. These "angel moms" lose sympathy when they target a whole class of people rather than target the causes of their loved one's death. If drunk driving was the cause of death why aren't they focusing their energy on drunk drivers? If the cause was gang violence (and there is purported evidence out there somewhere about Jamiel Shaw's connection with the bloods gang), why aren't the Shaws focusing on gang violence? These are just a couple of examples. Would these "angel moms" feel better if the circumstances surrounding the deaths only involved American citizens? Ludicrous.

  2. I think you are pretending not to understand what is crystal clear. If our immigration laws had been enforced the loved ones of these folks would still be alive. The excruciating emotional pain of such a terrible loss is compounded by the knowledge that it didn't have to happen. I can only imagine that the reason such people are willing to speak out and put themselves in the spotlight and in the path of stone-cold hecklers is because they believe that if they can prevent such a terrible event from happening to anyone else their children won't have died in vain.