Wednesday, April 19, 2017

We the People Fight Against Big Green in Redondo Beach, CA

We the People Rising, including members of the San Bernardino team, came down to Redondo Beach, CA to tell the city council to stop Community Choice Aggregation.

At least 13 people spoke out against Community Choice Aggregation.

A number of residents whom I did not expect to see there spoke out, including Sandy Wilson-White and her husband, Gary Mlynek, and Edwin Duterte also attended.

The meeting went on for a faily long time, but that did not stop the resolve of our team to put full pressure on Redondo Beach City Council to say no to CCA!

Check out what Grindall61 had to say about this crappy, corrupt, and sinister program!

Of course, after the extensive and researched information presented to the city council, here's the final vote:

Here were key speeches from the rest of the team:

A couple of reflections:

Two of the people who voted to continue the study are hard-core on the whole Big Green phenomenon.

They don't care about how much money it will save or how much it will end up costing the taxpayers of Redondo Beach. The whole scam is about feeling good, that they are doing something to save the planet.

FYI, Mayor Bill Brand gave a six minute--six!--presentation celebrating Earth Day.


The people who spoke in favor of CCA focused on emotion--and how much they worshipped 350 Joe Galliani.


The people of Redondo Beach should start throwing chairs if their elected officials refuse to get their act together. This is ridiculous.

It's time to pull the plug on this Big Green crap once and for all!


  1. You are a fucking moron.

  2. Hey Anonymous, were you at the Redondo Beach City Council meeting and spoke 3 minutes about your love of Community Choice Aggregation? If not shut the F*** Up. The vote was 3 council members yes to "study" CCA and 2 Council members opposed. Not exactly a "stunning" victory.

  3. what is "community choice aggregation"?