Sunday, April 30, 2017

BREAKING: RINO-PLAC Blocks Republican Challenger to Maxine Waters on Twitter

What is going on in Los Angeles Republican circles?

The RINO Central Committee is attacking individual candidates.

Now they are blocking the individuals we are counting on to run against entrenched Democratic incumbents in Los Angeles County.

Look what RPLAC did to Omar Navarro, the First Vice-President of the Beach Cities Republicans:

The Republican Party of Los Angeles has definitely forgotten how to lead.

They certainly have no interest in winning elections.

They revoked the charter for the largest volunteer group in Los Angeles County.

They blocked me on Twitter, as did the former Chairman and now regional Vice-Chairman Mark Vafiades.

Now they have blocked Omar Navarro.


But this perverse retaliation against Maxine Waters' star challenger did not go unnoticed:

When Hawaii reporters say that Republican circles are in trouble, you know that's bad!

And  there's more:

With friends like RPLAC, who needs enemies?

This is the sad state of Republican politics in Los Angeles County.

They can't win elections. They don't want to win elections, either.

And to add insult to injury, Omar Navarro is a member of the Central Committee ... and now the county Central Committee is blocking one of their own members--and also one of the rising stars in Los Angeles County running against ...

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