Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Child Abuse: Culver City Child Brainwashed to Support Sanctuary City Status

It pains me to listen to young people spout left-wing talking points, especially on immigration.

Notice what this young boy stated in Cudahy CA:

This kid was insolent and misguided.

Pretty sad.

I am pretty sure that this corrupt teacher taught him "Brown Supremacy":

Now, in the Culver City City Council meeting, a couple of rude little children approached the podium.

One of the young charges announced that he was born a Democrat. That's not saying much. Most children have a childish naivete about themselves. When children start learning how to count, and care for themselves, they grow up and out of "The Democracy."

Then there was this impertinent youth:

A 15-year old who claimed that Los Angeles County was taking care of the homeless already because Measure H passed.


Just because the residents of Los Angeles County voted for a tax hike does not mean that the extra revenue (if any) will go to housing homeless. And why is LA County using any money toward helping illegal aliens?

This is lawlessness, this is immoral misappropriation of funds.

In a way, though, no one can blame these kids. They are taught to hate this country.

They are being taught to feel guilty about "white privilege", whatever that means.

This is wahy Los ANgles for Trump and We the People Rising are taking our message to every blue section of the county and confronting these unjust, unfounded ideas.

Including the false argument that sanctuary cities will make everyone safer.

They will not. Let's hope that the 12 year old in Cudahy and the 15 year old in Culver City will not have to learn this lesson the hard way.

Let's state this disturbing reality for all to understand:

Adults who teach their children these abuse, liberal talking points are engaging in a form of mental child abuse. They are teaching students to feel guilty about the state of affairs in a fallen world, and that they have to pay the price for these terrible failings. They are also lying to them about the corrupt nature of power, and that even the best of intentions end up causing more harm than good.

They are indoctrinating these children to accept lies and emotional talking points rather than fighting for what is right and true.

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