Saturday, April 15, 2017

La Raza Nativists Say the Craziest Things! (Featuring Naui and Veronica Tomas)

In Glendora, CA, the city council voted to reject SB 54 and demand that the legislature vote it down.

No sanctuary cities.

Then came Naui.

Apparently, lots of people find him very entertaining.

Here are some reasons why you will find them so funny!

Naui gets sunk on the term "anchor baby" for example.


Naui was born in Mexico. Does that make him an anchor baby, too?

Veronica Tomas claims that her ancestors come from Croatia.

I simple asked Naui if she called Veronica an "anchor baby" too.

That question stopped them cold!

Why does Naui not hold other people accountable for being "anchor babies."

Why doesn't Veronica Tomas not count? Because she "knows history."

Does she? She claimed that Columbus came to California. No he didn't.

Naui then claims that the Nahua people should be allowed to roam everywhere.

But they weren't!

He also went off on Harim Uzziel, calling him a "white supremacist." Sounds racist, doesn't it!

He even called me "boy", and then wanted to lecture me and others.

Then next joke came with Tomas claiming "I can idetify with an illegal alien."


The next video showed how much they misuse terms:

This is really funny.

He cannot define "anchor baby."

He routinely resorts to examples, but could  not give me a working definition.

Then when I confronted him about Veronica Tomas, his partner in illegal alien crime--Veronica Tomas--he got really defensive.

Naui calls me an "anchor baby", but he never says anything to Veronica!

Wow! Racist and hypocritical!

Check the video! Notice how defensive he became!

Oh, and it gets better!

This man actually called Chanell Temple a "Black White Supremacist"!

Yoou have to hear it to believe it!

I cannot make this stuff up!

Naui and his creepy cohort Veronica--they are just too much fun!

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