Wednesday, April 19, 2017

FINALLY! First DACA Recipient Gets Deported (More Winning!)

It's about time!

I had written an article for

I tweeted.

I called the White House and left a message.

I reached out to elected officials in and around Washington DC.

I had one clear demand:

Repeal DACA.

This Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals was utter lawlessness from the moment that Obama announced this perverse program. He issued this executive tyranny in 2012, and two years later the southern borders were swarming with illegal alien youth looking for this "better life" offered by Savior Obama.

Our young American DREAMers come first.

I am fed up with the compassion of this great country and our people being put on trial by illegal aliens and their panderers, including the criminal parents who broke into this country with their children.

And now we are supposed to feel guilty and take them on?

Juan Manuel Montes--First "DACA" Deportee

I don't think so.

So, I was very upset that President Trump was taking immediate action to repeal that terrible DACA.

Then I got this email from
Going against his own promises, Donald Trump's administration deported the first DREAMer we know of—someone with the legal right to live, work, and study in the United States under the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program. His name is Juan Manuel Montes.1
In a sense, Donald Trump was going against a different promise--to repeal DACA on Day One.
It's about time that these entitlement "children" get deported.
Return Juan Manuel Montes to his home and family immediately.
On February 17, Juan Manuel was walking to a taxi stand in his hometown in California when he was approached by border officials who asked for his papers. Though Juan Manuel was legally authorized to live and work in America through the DACA program, he was deported to Mexico just hours later.2 
WRONG! That DACA nonsense could never authorize anyone to live anywhere. It was a mere piece of paper with treasonous non-enforcement backing it up.
This is a direct consequence of Trump's mass deportation agenda and an unaccountable agency. Juan Manuel, who suffered a traumatic brain injury as a child and has a cognitive disability, must be reunited with his family in California as soon as possible. 
Excuse me!
What about our homeless? What about the mentally disabled, mentally ill, homeless?
We have foster children in our country who need help. Stop shaming Americans for wanting to take care of Americans FIRST!
—Greisa Martinez, United We Dream
P.S. MoveOn members are joining May Day actions across the country in solidarity with immigrant communities. Save the date, and look for more information soon on how to join May 1 strikes, boycotts, and rallies.
1. "Report: First protected ‘Dreamer’ deported under Trump," The Hill, April 18, 2017
2. Ibid.
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I am so happy that illegal aliens are being deported from this country.
They are illegal. That word still means something in his country.
Thank God for Trump!
If I commit a crime, I get three strikes.
Illegal aliens commit crimes, and they get royal treatment. We just cannot allow this!
And Attorney General Jeff Sessions was clearly in agreement: