Monday, April 10, 2017

Maine GOP Celebrates: Red Congressional District Getting REDDER!

More blue states are finding that individual Congressional districts and event statewide officers are turning into strong GOP pickups and even holds!

Check out the latest eblast from the Maine Republican Party!

Good Afternoon,

We just received some great news over the weekend! Maine's Second Congressional District is now a Republican +2 District according to the Cook Political Report Partisan Voter Index.

The Cook PVI measures how each district performs at the presidential level compared to the nation as a whole. A Partisan Voting Index score of R+2 means the district performed two points more Republican than the national average. This is a tectonic shift for Maine in the last few years.

This is the first time the Second Congressional District has been marked Republican in any records we could find, and it signals a 5 point swing in our favor since 2013.

How incredible is that?

Additionally, we had a 3 point higher voter turnout last year than the Democrats across Maine, and in the Second Congressional District, where we concentrated most, our turnout advantage was close to 5 points!

Pairing a strong Maine GOP with excellent Republican candidates has been a recipe for success for Maine over the last few election cycles!

This success has come with the creation of a full-time, political operation here at 9 Higgins. We cannot get these results like this without a 24-month per election cycle effort. While other New England states have been leaning to the left, Maine has been turning redder by the year.

So please help keep the Maine Republican Party's going strong by donating today. Your support of $10, $25 or more keeps us moving forward everyday as we work on your behalf to elect Republican candidates.

Please support us today, and thank you for all that you do.


Jason Savage
Executive Director

Notice what the Maine GOP is doing

They have a 24-month effort to ensure that the Republicans hold onto the Second Congressional District.

The officerholder, Bruce Poliquin, served as the state treasure at one time, as well as GOP party chairman. He had run for governor in 2010 primary against Paul Le Page, too.

I think that the Maine GOP needs to acknowledge the great efforts of the current governor, who worked tirelessly to ensure welfare reform and constitutional carry passed, in spite of Democratic opposition.

Before Trump, Le Page was fighting and winning against the media, survivor potential scandals and pitfalls. He ran against the media, then ran over them.

And now the Maine GOP has their own Real News programs to combat the lies of the statewide mainstream (read, liberal) media.

This recipe for success: strong candidates, clear conservative leadership and policy enactment, with a strong political ground game, can spell out future success for Republicans in other blue states, including California.

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