Friday, April 21, 2017

Jeff Sessions Has Arrived: Sanctuary Jurisdictions Get Final Warning

Thank God for Jeff Sessions.

This attorney General is laying down the law like no one else.

He was an ardent advocate for more and better enforcement

I love him more than Donald Trump.

When Election season was ramping up for 2016, I wanted Jeff Sessions to run for President. Apparently, so did Steve Bannon, as well as Phylis Schlafly. Like them, I wanted a President who would be a trustworthy fighter.

At the time, I did not trust Trump, but now I am so glad that he is our President.

And Jeff Sessions is proof positive why!

Check out what he just announced today:

The Trump administration on Friday pushed closer to a showdown with cities and counties that have enacted policies prohibiting law enforcement personnel from cooperating with federal immigration authorities about people in the country illegally.

The Justice Department sent letters to nine jurisdictions, often referred to as "sanctuary cities," escalating warnings that federal law enforcement grants could be withheld if the areas don't prove by the end of June that they are abiding by a portion of federal law, referred to as Section 1373, that mandates local cooperation with federal officials on information about a person's immigration status.


The nine jurisdictions which received warnings?
  • New York City
  • New Orleans
  • Philadelphia
  • Chicago
  • Clark County, Nevada
  • Cook County in Illinois
  • Miami-Dade County in Florida
  • Milwaukee County in Wisconsin
  • The State of California

I am so glad to see the entire state of California put on notice.

The lawless arrogance of the Democratic leadership is unthinkable, not just unconscionable.

Enough is enough! This perverse behavior must stop.

Thank God for Sessions!

Here's another report:

Here are key portions from this New York Times article:

“Many of these jurisdictions are also crumbling under the weight of illegal immigration and violent crime,” the Justice Department said in a news release.

How about that? Everyone else in the country is also affected by this wave of corrupt, corrosive mass immigration, illegal immigration, of course.

The agency cited the rising murder rate in Chicago and cast blame for gang murders in New York on what it labeled a “soft on crime” stance. It also complained that after the recent arrests of 11 members of the MS-13 Salvadoran street gang, the deputy police chief of Santa Cruz, Calif., stressed that the raid was unrelated to immigration instead of “warning other MS-13 members that they would be next.”

Gang violence, gun crimes, murder rates through the roof--there is nothing "sanctuary" about these fallen cities! When will the local elected officials start taking care of the American citizens in their midst? Notice also how these cities disenfranchise legal residents, especially African-Americans.

Of course, instead of complying with federal law and obeying the simple dictates outlined in the US Code, New York City and Ph

In California, where Democrats have waged a defiant opposition to the Trump administration, the State Senate leader, Kevin de León of Los Angeles, charged that it was basing its law enforcement policies “on principles of white supremacy — not American values.”

Kevin de Leon is a BROWN supremacist, seeking to push a La Raza ideology which clashes with the truth and best interests of all California residents, many of whom oppose sanctuary cities and states. They want all jurisdictions to abide by federal law and deport illegal aliens.

Final Reflection

This is great news.

I am aware these these Homeland Security grants are not a large amount of money, but they are a start. It's time for every state and city in our country to get tough on illegal immigration. No sanctuary cities, no sanctuary state, and every elected official must respect our borders and protect American citizens!


  1. FYI: Forum similar to outrageous El Monte charade was held for "migrants" in Novato too:
    "Novato forum to assure migrants disrupted by protestors"
    (Marin Independent Journal)

  2. Thank God. I wonder if those state and local officials that do not comply with immigration laws can be arrested.