Friday, April 14, 2017

LA for Trump Protests Maxine Waters and LA Press Club at Barnsdall Arts Park

Yesterday morning, I found out that Congresswoman Maxine Waters (D-Inglewood) would be attending an interview with NBC 4 and the LA Press Club.

The event would take place at the top of Barnsdall Art Park in Hollywood.

Of course I was going to be there!

No way was I going to pass this up!

LA for Trump were ready to show up and show our support for Donald Trump while trashing the corrupt, unethical, and racist Maxine Waters:

Maxine Waters is all about the big money:

I do not call her the Crazy Black Lady for nothing:

Check  out other videos taking on Maxine Waters and her supporters:

Then we confronted some of the racist people who have been attacking me and Los Angeles for Trump:

For the rest of our protest--which got wild and crazy--check out the video below!

Some of the highlights:

Robert Kovacic of NBC News greeted us! He tried to get us a few seats in the LA Press Club.

He came back and told us that we needed to have an RSVP. But it was too late for us.

We gathered around the front of the meeting hall.

Some of the black audience members came out and started shouting at us. They tried to play the race card, but we  through it right back at them.

Andrew Reeder showed up later and congratulated us on everything that we had accomplished!

And here are more photos for you to see!

Check out the police in the park below!

Success for LA for Trump in Barnsdall Arts Park!

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