Friday, April 14, 2017

Raving Leftist SJW Meltdown in Cudahy--Gotta See!

Alan Garcia has turned into our favorite SJW.

He used to live in Cudahy (?), but he lives in South Gate.

He goes after people like We the People Rising because we are vocally opposed to illegal immigration, specifically sanctuary cities.

He is so easily triggered, and he thinks that he is trolling us, but he just make us all laugh.

Check out this video from late February, just before the March elections.

So, Alan Garcia put together some talking points from an article in the OC Weekly.

One man wrote a poster that said the following:

Check out the first part of my "interview" with Alan Garcia:

He kept going off about how everyone hated me.


I heard all  of these people shouting in the backgronund "The people united will never be divided."

There was lots of division in city hall, though, and it was not my fault!

Of course, Alan and his friend Edin could not keep their stories straight:

So does everyone hate me, or does no one hate me?

They are very entertaining people!

After the meeting, Alan went off on me as I uietly left the Cudahy City Hall.

Why? Becuse Garcia had indeed brought a mob of communists and "non-violent" antifas.

But they wanted to threaten and disrupt. Physical threats and violence are becoming the norm among activists on the left.

But two months later, Jack Guerrero was the top vote-getter, and We the People Rising celebrated his victory.

Let's just say that Alan was not too happy to see us.

He kept shouting about Culver City. Why? We were gathered in Cudahy!

Of course, this video was just too much to pass up.

Then check out this video below:

Alan Garcia was totally unhinged that day.

They kept lying about people.

They kept shouting and screaming, as though they could silence citizens fed up with corruption and lawlessness in the city of Cudahy.

But it did not work.

They were definitely entertaining!

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