Monday, April 17, 2017

Berkeley Police Lied to Me: Held Back and Did Nothing

Earlier last week, I was planning on attending the UC Berkeley Free Speech rally.

The only concerned I had with my fellow Trump supporters had nothing to do with potential threats n the liberal city of Alameda County.

The only concern I had was driving up for six hours, then  having to turn right back around and drive home for another six hours!

I was still resolved to suffer though the long ride if need.

Of course, Berkeley Antifa hate ended up coming to El Monte. Racist thugs hit my camera out of my hands, then assaulted me, and the police escorted me out of the building.

So, I did not go.

So much was happening in Southern California, anyway.

Yet it's worth noting that not only was I prepared to go, I had called all three major law enforcement agencies to confirm that free speech protesters would be protected.

I contacted the Alameda County sheriff's department. They transferred me to the UC Berkeley police.
Since the Free Speech rally took place in the city itself rather than on the campus, I ended up speaking to the city police.

They assured me that they would protect all free speech protesters.

No, they didn't.

Check out this video:

Contact the Berkeley Police Department, and demand answers why they did nothing to protect law-abiding citizens:

The Berkeley Police Department
Address: 2100 M.L.K. Jr Way, Berkeley, CA 94704
Phone: (510) 981-5900
Agency executive: Michael K. Meehan, Chief of Police

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