Sunday, April 23, 2017

Al Franken Is Worried? Doggone it, I Like It!

Now check this out.

US Senator Al Franken is worried about the next election cycle.

He should be.

With a foreboding map facing Democrats inn 2018, they can only hope that they can staunch the losses.

The truth is that Democrats have to defend a record 25 seats, and at least five of them represent states which both Mitt Romney and Donald Trump won by double digits.

Not good.

Then there are the Rust Belt states and a few other swing states which Trump won in 2016. Those states have seen a growing surge in Republican registration, too.

Not really, Al! Not really at all! (Credit: Madmedic)

Of course Franken is worried. Doggone it, I like it!

The Democratic Party is in its death throes, have sacrificed whatever remaining scruples and pro-American sentiment they claimed to have.

They embrace a communist, globalist, secular, anti-American agenda, none of which lines up with the United States Constitution. They have left their own members behind, as they pander to and care for the needs of illegal aliens while ignoring the concerns of American citizens. They want open borders, government-run health care, gun control for all, and cessation of freedom of speech.

The Democratic Party is dying for a reason, and Republicans, or fair-minded citizens, cannot hope for any kind of compromise with such perversity!

Check out Franken's latest eblast:
Hi Arthur—I wanted to make sure that you saw my email from a few days ago.

Dear MoveOn member,
It's Al Franken, and I'm writing you today because I'm worried. Not about what Donald Trump has tried (and, so far, failed) to do already, like Trumpcare and the Muslim ban. But about the storm that's coming.
You see, we're just 93 days into the Trump presidency. Fortunately, we're also 93 days into a powerful resistance movement.
Up until now, we've been doing surprisingly well stalling Trump's agenda. But the thing is, he's just getting started—so we can't let up for a second. There are so many more fights to come: Stopping Trump's tax breaks for rich people like himself. Standing up to Jeff Sessions' deportation force. Resisting attacks on Medicare and the environment.
And we still have a year and a half before we've got a shot at taking back Congress.
Trump governs by chaos. He wants us to get tired and slow down, but we can't let him win.
My Democratic colleagues and I are counting on you to keep marching, and protesting, and calling. Will you chip in $5 a month to MoveOn to help keep the resistance strong for the next four years?
MoveOn members worked day and night to stop Trump from being elected. And then, the day after the election, MoveOn members began organizing to build the resistance, with vigils around the country. You never stopped.
In fact, after Trump was elected, there was a huge spike in grassroots energy—the biggest I've seen in my entire political career. Record-setting numbers of people flooded the streets. It was impossible to get a call through to Congress (believe me, I know, because my office phone lines were ringing off the hook). And while my Republican colleagues are trying to put on a brave face, I can tell that they are under stress. (And that stress helped defeat their first attempt at Trumpcare!)
But here's what has me worried: We're fighting on so many fronts. And if energy drops off, we'll start losing.
The antidote? Millions of us involved so that together we can continue to organize non-stop. The kind of organizing that MoveOn excels at.
We can't let up. I'm counting on MoveOn members like you to be there every day that Trump is in office—to help lead the resistance, stop his agenda in Congress, and help win back political power. Can you support the resistance with a monthly donation to MoveOn?
As a senator, even one who's in the minority, there are a lot of things that I can do. I can ask nominees tough and important questions (see: Betsy DeVos, Jeff Sessions, and Neil Gorsuch). I can vote against terrible bills. I can shine a spotlight on the cruel and absurd.
But millions of activists like you, working together through MoveOn, can do even more.
When Republicans in the House tried to get the votes to take health care away from 24 million Americans, it wasn't me who stopped them. It was millions of activists like you.
When Republican town halls were packed, it was with activists like you.
And it was because of activists like you that Congress has been flooded with phone calls—including on the day when House Republicans were supposed to vote to repeal the Affordable Care Act, when MoveOn members made 40,000 calls and Republicans couldn't muster the votes for repeal.
The resistance is working, and I hope you'll help keep it going. That's why I'm asking you to sign up to donate $5 a month to MoveOn. MoveOn's organizers are some of the best in the business, and MoveOn will put your money to work where it's needed most. What do you say? Are you in?
If we stop Republicans from passing Trumpcare for the next two years, it will be because activists like you don't let up, fund the resistance, and make your voices heard.
And winning back seats in special elections this year and in the Senate and House in 2018 won't happen without activists like you giving it your all.
So I hope that you'll keep doing whatever you can: calling your members of Congress, showing up in person at their local offices, getting involved in elections, and—if you can afford it—chipping in, too.
If you're ready to make sure that the resistance can organize every single day that Trump is in office, then will you become a MoveOn monthly donor today?
Thanks for all you do.
–Al Franken

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