Sunday, April 16, 2017

Hermosa Beach Trump Supporter Slams El Monte Police, Congresswoman for Illegal Alien Town Hall

I received a copy of a letter which a Hermosa Beach resident sent to the El Monte Police Department following the crimes committed against me and members of We the People Rising:

Mr. Mayor,

You sir, should be ashamed of yourself.  You conducted a meeting that was very openly against the law.  I have submitted the video to ICE and our Attorney General, Mr. Sessions.   I also see that one of the badged staffers in the room actually stole a cell phone from a man with a Make America Great Again hat. It’s on video and it’s going viral.   That staffer should be terminated immediately. She’s now a criminal and should be sent to jail.

A FB video on the page of Veronica Tomas interviews the City Clerk after the event was over – and he clearly states that the Trump supporters were the ones who disrupted the meeting, when it was the Trump supporters who were attacked and assaulted.  The City Clerk is joke. 

The disrespect shown to the black woman whose son was killed by an illegal alien is a disgrace.  In a different video by the same Veronica Tomas – she’s calling the black woman a racist and telling her to go home.  Then a few minutes later she’s all free speech and stuff with the City Clerk. Terrible.

The disrespect you have now shown to our nation, our constitution, and to the people in that audience is truly disgraceful.  You are not fit to be an elected official. Mr. Mayor, I also noticed that when the Hispanic guy assaulted the red hat guy – you went to protect the Hispanic guy and let the victim be by himself. GREAT JOB MORON – protect the criminal.

Traitors: Andre Quintero and Grace Napolitano 

RE: El Monte Police

It is obvious the Police did not care about the person in the red hat – he was assaulted – he pointed out the people who assaulted him and then police let one of them (a female) walk by 

him (she also appears to have had his stolen cell phone by one of the videos) – when good police have an incident – all are detained until it can be figured out what is going on.  

Your department instead chose to detain the victim only and let the criminals walk away. That is not following the law. That is CRAP POLICE WORK FROM A CRAP CITY MAYOR TOWN.

K--- H-------
Hermosa Beach, CA


  1. I'm still in shock that most of this meeting was in Spanish. I'm also pretty upset that when I asked for a headset, I was given an English to Spanish translator and NOT an amplifier for the Hard of Hearing-they didn't have any!!!

  2. You're shocked that an Immigration Workshop was in Spanish? Did you drive all the way to El Monte get information the workshop was providing, or to harass attendees? I don't think you needed a headset amplifier when the residents of El Monte kicked your group out.



  3. Can you link the videos I saw somewhere of your group member Chanel Temple (the black lady) calling people in attendance "rapists and killers" at the El Monte immigration workshop? Thanks.

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