Monday, April 24, 2017

Hawaii RINOs Get Owned: RINO Saboteurs

Yes, the larger picture was to install a pro-Rohlfing county chairman who would do the bidding of Rohlfing's handpicked successor, Andria Tupola, and abuse party resources to assist her campaign for GOP State Chair with delegate manipulation and other corrupt assistance in advance of the state convention next month.

Boyd Ready would have been the perfect puppet for Rohlfing and Tupola, since RINO towelboy Ready has been regularly abusing party resources, e-mail lists, and the party's official communications systems of the Hawaii GOP for personal gain and for the advantage of the Rohlfing cabal for years.  People might call him Boyd Not-So-Ready, but he was the right guy for this inside job.  [Don't think the cunning and ambitious Ready doesn't try to play both sides by speaking at the Oahu League and sucking up to Saiki and Hellreich.  In his delusional mind, he has kissed enough okole to deserve to someday rise to the position of state chairman or even national committeeman.  Just ask his angry and vindictive RINO wife, Antya.]

Ready even tried to pull a fast one by creating an agenda for yesterday's meeting that was designed to prevent any vote from taking place to restore the eleven officers fired by Rohlfing days earlier.  [Fast-forward:  Ready's sleazy agenda gambit failed -- just as badly as his coordinated e-mail assault on Brett Kulbis.]

Remember, the backdrop to this story is that there is a full-blown RINO Civil War underway right now.  Former Rohlfing supporters and RINO puppetmasters Miriam Hellreich and Pat Saiki and Barbara Marumoto and the rest of the Oahu League of RINO's (a.k.a. the adult diaper brigade) are backing their manchurian candidate Shirlene Ostrov in opposition to Team LDS's self-described "millennial polynesian woman" state chair candidate Andria Tupola.

The ONLY issue (and we mean only issue) in this whole divisive campaign of RINO on RINO violence is the future of the poorly located, overpriced, underutilized, and costly albatross known as the Hawaii GOP headquarters on Kapiolani Blvd.  Otherwise, both sides agree (and have the track record to prove it) that the Republican Party should continue to be silent, neutral, dysfunctional, and useless . . . with every single penny raised by the party to be blown exclusively on administrative overhead and not a nickel should ever be spent on advertising, marketing, promotions, canvassing, organizing, candidate support, or (let's call it) winning.  That's where all RINO's have agreed for two decades.

The challenge for Rohlfing and his RINO co-conspirator saboteurs is that they knew it would be an uphill battle yesterday to get the votes the needed to pull off the coup d'etat.  In the four weeks since their victory at the county convention, Brett Kulbis and the county leadership team of individuals have become the stuff of legend; local folk heroes who somehow beat the system and the establishment to become party officers.  HIRA accurately predicted nearly three weeks ago that self-dealing RINO party insiders would seek to sabotage their 2-year terms of office by invalidating their election somehow.  And that's just what happened.

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