Sunday, April 23, 2017

INCREDIBLE! Hawaii Republican Assembly Defeats RINO Coup d'Etat

The Hawaiian Islands Republican Assembly is so inspiring.

They have routinely exposed the corruption, malfeasance, and incompetence of the current leadership of the Hawaii Republican Party under the leadership of Miriam Hellreich, Fritz Rohfling, and Gene Ward.

They have never shied away from slamming the corrupt and useless Democratic Party of Hawaii, which has overwhelmed the Aloha State with spending, tax hikes, moral malaise, and rampant poverty.

Veterans are routinely mistreated, as well, and the Republicans who get elected often go along with the same destructive Democratic agenda of tax hikes, anti-family values, and anti-security political correctness.

Need I remind the readers that Barack Obama was born in Hawaii, and the federal judge of Hawaii struck down the latest travel ban executive order issued by our President?

Enough said.

In spite of the deleterious political situation in Hawaii, the Hawaiian Islands Republican Assembly (HIRA) is rising up--and they fight back! Conservatives throughout the country, especially in blue states like California and Nevada, can learn a great deal from HIRA.

In their previous eblast, HIRA announced an attempted, illegal coup by the Hawaii GOP Chairman Fritz Rohfling to invalidate the Honolulu County GOP electons, in which HIRA conservatives swept all offices. HIRA and their team of dedicated conservatives did not take such a brazenly illegal maneuver silently.

Check out their epic victory here:

RINO's Go Down In Flames at Hawaii GOP Headquarters Today

Aloha Republicans:

Stand up and cheer.  The draining of the swamp at the Hawaii GOP has begun again.  The six county party officers who were fired Wednesday by a corrupt, inept and failed state party chairman Fritz Rohlfing (plus five more district level officers who were indirectly fired) have all been restored to their posts.  Amen!

Stay tuned for our comprehensive, exclusive insider report from HIRA this weekend about today's MINDBLOWING happenings at the Hawaii GOP headquarters.  You will really want to sit down for that 'full report' newsletter.  It will be a wild ride.

For now, here's a quick rundown . . .
You should have seen the look on demented Rohlfing's ever-reddening face as he kept losing vote after vote after vote.  It looked a lot like this. --->  How can this crooked mental midget live with himself knowing he is such a complete loser and filthy scumbag?  [He must have sold his barely-used conscience on eBay to the lowest bidder years ago along with his political skills and sportsmanship.]

In anticipation of what he and his scum-sucking friends hopes would be a successful coup, RINO Rohlfing and his RINO towelboy Jack "Mehoff" James had already sanitized the Hawaii GOP's Facebook page to eliminate any record of the election of the six fired county officers at the county convention three weeks ago. That's how petty these RINO's can be.

But Fritzy Boy and his RINO co-conspirators did NOT get away with their plot to consolidate power under Rohlfing's other RINO towelboy and fluffer, Boyd Not-So-Ready. As you'll see in our full report this weekend, there is ABSOLUTELY NO WAY Boyd Ready can remain as an officer of the Honolulu County Republican Party. When you learn about the last-minute, disgusting and completely fraudulent tactics Ready deliberately employed in furtherance of the Rohlfing-Tupola-Ward conspiracy to consolidate RINO power at the Hawaii GOP -- and we mean reprehensible and unforgivable -- you'll easily agree with us that the only sound we should hear is the door whacking Ready on the okole as he leaves the GOP for a lengthy sabbatical of spiritual renewal (and to have his head surgically removed from his ass, then his lips surgically removed from Rohlfing's ass).
So a hearty congrats from HIRA to the duly elected county GOP officers -- Brett Kulbis, Marissa Kerns, Eric Eads, Mela Kealoha-Lindsey, Matt Darnell and Dennis Kim -- on being returned to your posts.  And hats off to the brave, principled members of the Honolulu County Republican Party 'county committee' for doing the right thing in the face of lies, hostility, swearing, and manipulation by RINO's at party headquarters and at the State Capitol.

This was a TERRIBLE day for RINO's at the Hawaii Republican Party.  Really, really HORRIBLE.  And it was a great day for what appears to be a rejuvenated Honolulu GOP. Let's hope so.
Finally, here's a very special, heartfelt message to Rohlfing, Ready, James, Tupola, Ward and the rest of their RINO collaborators and co-conspirators.  Sorry, but nobody cares what you have to say anymore . . . especially after the all-out smear campaign orchestrated by the shameless, ethically challenged boneheads made up of outgoing state chair "Fritzy Boy" Rohlfing, Rohlfing's towelboy Jack 'Mehoff' James, Rep. Bobby McDonut, Rep. Andrea Topullyou for State Chair 2017 (no way), Kief "I love Mufi" Trollman, and Rohlfing's other RINO towelboy Boyd Not-So-Ready.  Your mojo and mana are all used up.

Read more about their disturbing antics in HIRA's Weekend Edition of our newsletter. That's right, please stay tuned for more details this weekend . . . and some riveting, mindblowing audio of RINO politician and tax-hiker Bob McDonut completely melting down, swearing up a storm, and being booed out of party headquarters halfway through today's wild-ride-of-a-meeting.

It's as if McDonut took TheBus and then rode TheRail to today's meeting straight from spending all night in his smelly basement in old Ewa Beach; drunk on stale Doritos and a gallon of Keif "I Luv Mufi" Trollman's 200 proof fermented urine.  Psychotic Bobby McDouchebag can kiss that gubernatorial campaign goodbye.  Fritz will have to start his search for the perfect candidate all over again.  Paging Rohlfing's 2016 superstar candidate Rod Tam!!   :-)

Thanks for your help in draining the swamp at the Hawaii GOP so we can finally, finally take on the Democrats for real.


President, Hawaii Republican Assembly (HIRA)

Chairman, HIRA Action SuperPAC

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