Thursday, April 13, 2017

Naui Ocelotl Huitzilopochtli: La Raza Desperado de California

The Donald Trump Team in California has helped expose the face of La Raza hate in our beautiful Golden State. Instead of succumbing to white guilt, we recognize that the United States is a prosperous nation because of the rule of law. This wonderful has been an unforgettable gift to the entire world, founded on Anglo-Saxon legacies of limited government, individual liberty, and constitutional rule.

These values did not exist in Meso America, in which deified emperors would decide who would live and who would die. Ancient peoples sacrificed their own people to the Sun God or other demonic powers in order to ensure that the sun and natural cycles would continue.

The arrival of European settlers and colonists actually prevented the extermination of native inhabitants at the time. Would the world have been better off if no one in Europe or Asia had discovered the Americas?

Probably not. After all, many of the indigenous tribes, nations, and kingdoms had not even invented the wheel. They routine raping, pillage, and outright genocide perpetrated by Indian groups throughout the Americans would make anyone shudder. Historians and La Raza Nativists should look at Easter Island and simply ask "What happened to the original inhabitants?"

They are no longer there, and most likely because they killed themselves or wiped themselves out!

At any rate, Naui is not interested in listening to anyone who wants to discuss these issues. 

Check out some of his abusive tactics against others:

He discriminates against a proud American of Latino and Jewish heritage. Harim Uzziel is a Trump supporter, as were 30% of Hispanic voters in Election 2016.

Why does Naui insist on calling him "Mexican"? Naui himself was born in Jalisco, Mexico, but he refuses to be called ""Mexican" but rather identifies as "Nahua", the tribe, or nation, or whatever his ancestors came from.

Get off my land!
So, Naui is not Mexican, even though he was born in Mexico, and Harim is Mexican, even though he was born in the United States? Naui is very confused, most likely overwhelmed by the fact that his La Raza agenda is hitting brick walls (figuratively, and eventually literally).

He confuses identities many times with other people, too. Look what he said to me repeatedly at the February 27th meeting in Cudahy, just before Election Day:

Naui kept saying "Go back to Europe, because you look European!"

Oh, so I have to leave the country based on the color of my skin? There's another word for this kind of thinking. It's called "racism." I would further add "desperation."

Check out further loathing against American citizens below:

Notice that he spells Harim's last name wrong.

He also calls him a "cholo." HUH? Now this is the true face and rhetoric of racism. Naui despises anyone who does not go along with his destructive, neo-nativist agenda. Very sad, and very troubling.

I looked over his YouTube channel, and frankly the more that he tries to goad and harass Trump supporters and immigration enforcement advocates, the more he inadvertently reveals Trump supporters in a positive light.

Consider this video:

He called this gentleman a "Zionist white supremacist."

HUH? So he supports Israel, and is therefore a white supremacist? White supremacists hate Jewish people and they hate Israel. Naui undermines himself the moment that he posts something--anything--on social media, he exposes his hatred. None of the Americans protesting were disrespectful or invidiously discriminating against Naui.

Then check out some of the remarks on this video from the May, 2016 meeting in Anaheim:

First of all, notice that he cut out the footage of the anti-Trump Hispanic attackers who pepper-sprayed Raul Rodriguez of America First Latinos and Mike McGetrick of We the People Rising. The title of this video says it all, when Naui labels Chanell Temple "Aunt Tom." He was trying to call Chanell a feminine version of "Uncle Tom." Racist, sexist, and completely misiniformed.

Then check out the comments below:

The top comments contain support for Donald Trump and wish him success.

Guess what? HE WON!

But don't tell Naui, since he is convinced that you and I, along with everyone else, are a bunch of racist illegal aliens who should be deported because ... we are not related to Naui, I guess.

Oh, and towards the middle of the video, Naui starts chanting "Black Lives Matter" ... but he just called Chanell "Aunt Tom." Sounds pretty racist, doesn't it? In the second part of the video, notice how he harasses senior citizens and women. Why does he have to harass these citizens in order to show his disgust for Donald Trump?

Why indeed?

Because he is a racist.

And desperate!


  1. SJW Naui Huitzilopochtli would be a best mascot for the Democratic Party because SJW liberals would like people like him for the destruction of America is more anti-American leftist like Naui. Also check out MEcHA and Mexica Movement because they have similar tactics to the La Raza movement. Naui is one confused individual who can't get his facts straight and needs a reality check.

  2. "From the point of view of the laws of the indigenous nations of North America, the Europeans are the original illegal immigrants in the area of North America. The United States... has, for more than 200 years, methodically and militarily violated indigenous law, and even solemn
    treaties, in order to take over and occupy the vast majority of the lands of Indigenous nations and peoples.... it is hypocritical in the extreme for the people of the United States to now pretend that it is paragon of virtue, and a country that has always conducted itself on the basis of the rule of law."
    __ Indian Law Scholar, Steven Newcomb

    1. no self respecting indigenous person would ever use AMERIERIKKKAN INDIAN in their title.

  3. "The arrival of European settlers and colonists actually prevented the extermination of native inhabitants at the time. Would the world have been better off if no one in Europe or Asia had discovered the Americas?"

    actually worlds worlds biggest extermination began,with the arrival of Europeans.

    "The destruction of the Indians of the Americas was, far and away, the most massive act of genocide in the history of the world." David E. Stannard."

    "European extermination of Natives started with Christopher Columbus' arrival in San Salvador in 1492. Native population dropped dramatically over the next few decades. Some were directly murdered by Europeans. Others died indirectly as a result of contact with introduced diseases for which they had no resistance -- mainly smallpox, influenza, and measles.

    Later European Christian invaders systematically murdered additional Aboriginal people, from the Canadian Arctic to South America. They used warfare, death marches, forced relocation to barren lands, destruction of their main food supply -- the Buffalo -- and poisoning. Some Europeans actually shot at Indians for target practice."

  4. You were triggered enough to write an entire post dedicated to Naui. All he had to do was call you for what you are and post videos on YT. Easy bait.

  5. Whoa. That's a lot of Naui. Naui can have a party!

    Get it? Naui? Now We? Okay I'll go away now.

  6. Horribly written "article"

  7. Naui is the man. I can't believe you dedicated all this to a humble man. Go Maui Go.... from Mallinali ��

  8. Wow Naui is the man. I can't believe you wrote all that about a humble man. That only means one thing, Maui is doing something right. You go Maui 💗 big Fan from Mallinali ✊


  10. Naui speaks for the genocide American History never covers in its text books. The true invaders who had a 400 year head start in the name of their white jesus. FUCK YOU VERY MUCH FOR DIVIDING THE "UNITED" STATES EVEN MORE TRUMP SUPPORTERS. The corporate greed of the land of the free has the lower class fighting each other and blaming worker bee's called Mexicans. Fuck you again for doing whats wrong trump supporters. Apparently Jesus wouldnt be welcome to the states IF he didnt have his papers. Shame on all of you cold hearted people

  11. Clearly the low IQ natives are out in full force. Typical for the uneducated and ignorant to not understand history. That is why they have always been and will always be FAILED CULTURES.

  12. Stop already, no one group of people's are better than the other, proven by the Hate that is in the heats of some. Where's the Love ? No one can make you Hate, it's a choice we all have to keep in check, always.
    If we all would stop pointing fingers and let God back into our lives and America, quit letting social media ( mostly lies to piss us off) control our emotions then it would get better. Why do you want a civil war? Nothing is good about that ! It will prove nothing except going backwards as a society. Group ! Wake up !
    Something to think about besides needing to be right ! Who gives a shit.

  13. These racist assholes ancestors are from Spain (mostly)....Wonder if they suffer from self Hate?

    1. so if mostly European then what's the problem ?