Tuesday, April 4, 2017

SB 54: Kevin De Leon's Office LIED TO ME!

Yesterday afternoon, I was looking over the latest Twitter feed.

#SB54 appeared all over.

What was going on?

Within minutes, it was clear to me: the California State Senate was voting on SB 54.

There was a big problem with this for me.

I had called Senator De Leon's office twice, and the staffer told me two different times in the late morning that the bill was not going to the floor that day.


Here is the first post I wrote:

Of course, after the disturbing revelation from social media that SB 54 was on the senate floor, I posted the following:

The state senator's office lied to me.

This is how desperate and devious the California Democratic Supermajority has become.

They now lie to constituents who call the Capitol Office, too.


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