Sunday, April 16, 2017

Torrance Resident Speaks Out Against Grace Napolitano Illegal Alien Town Hall!

Many people are sharing and reporting what happened to We the People Rising in El Monte, CA.

Here is the first video -- extended video--of the first of the Illegal Alien town hall:

Here is the second video:

Lynda McDonough1:47:30 OUTRAGEOUS!!!!!
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Lynda McDonough1:46:36 She wants their MONEY!!
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Lynda McDonough1:46:18 IGNORANT
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Lynda McDonough1:45:33 How they are LYING to these people!!!!!!
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Lynda McDonough1:43:50 The Mayor wants the money from the paychecks of these Parks and Rec kids
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Lynda McDonough1:42:36 How can the Mayor LIE to these people????
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Lynda McDonough1:40:08 Yes, it's advertising for their immigration business! It's sick!!
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Lynda McDonough1:39:26 Thank God for Donald Trump and Jeff Sessions
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Lynda McDonough1:37:30 It's perversion of the truth and they are preying on them to drum up immigration business
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Lynda McDonough1:29:19 I think the officials are preying on these people
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Lynda McDonough1:26:48 Do these people go to school?? OMG
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Patti Blodgett2:36 Is Grace Napolitano related to Janet.
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Lynda McDonough1:23:39 The mayor is LYING to these people
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Lynda McDonough1:21:52 They are trying to help them stay illegal
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Lynda McDonough1:17:58 Sounds like the Mayor is just helping them stay safe as an illegal alien - not telling them to get legal
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Lynda McDonough1:15:05 WTH is with the SPANISH????

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  1. Lynda McDonough is offended by Spanish being spoken at an immigration informational workshop? She doesn't live in El Monte and should keep her nose in her own city. Surely there are issues she can get involved with in Torrance.