Monday, April 24, 2017

Hawaii RINOs Get Owned: RINO Disaster

RINO DISASTER -- HERE'S THE RUB:  After all the plotting and scheming and smearing and conniving, Team Tupola went down in flames on Saturday.  Their towelboy Boyd Ready (or simply TowelBoyd Ready) lost the gavel to his arch-rival Brett Kulbis.  It wasn't even close.  And nothing Ready, Rohlfing, Trollman, Ward, McDonut, James or their "millennial polynesian woman" Andria Tupola did mattered.  They've got no juice at all.  And nobody cares what they think or buys their obnoxious nonsense anymore.

More than 2/3rds of the voting members were unswayed by the Tupola Gang's "Hail Satan" pass.  When the votes were counted at party headquarters, Boyd Ready's corrupt RINO's lost by an overwhelming, landslide vote of 27-10 against the "Wednesday Night Massacre".

Members of the county committee were shocked and disgusted that top party leaders and other RINO infiltrators resorted to such obvious lies, slander and sleaze.  It came as no surprise, really, that the 11 ousted officers were re-installed right before the crying eyes and reddening face of Fritz "I belong to a church to enhance my Rolodex" Rohlfing and the long, sad faces of most of his Satan-worshipping co-conspirators.

That's right, even though Rohlfing delusionally thought he had it in the bag yesterday -- thinking he'd handpick his towelboy and 2nd Place finisher Boyd Ready to become the Honolulu GOP's county chair -- and even after issuing the dubious ruling in which Rohlfing overturned the election of nearly all volunteer Honolulu GOP county officers a few days ago, the Jedi slaughtered the Empire in a vote so lopsided that the following happened . . .

Crooked RINO towelboy Boyd Not-So-Readywas in such shock that he didn't turn over the chairman's gavel to Brett Kulbis.  You'll hear the audio in the video above.  Stunned and completely numb from having decisively lost in a landslide, stuttering Boyd kept on running the meeting and had to be reminded by "Big Mike" Palcic that he wasn't running things anymore.  This had to be the funniest and most satisfying moment of the meeting.

There were other funny moments too, like when Puppetmasters Rohlfing, Ready and James embarrassingly had to 'counsel' Tupola's poorly-briefed, late-arriving puppet representative at the county meeting to change its vote from YES to NO.  (Sorry, not sure if that was a him or a her.)  "Yes" meant pro-restoration of officers and "No" meant RINO all the way.  Seeing Team Tupola's united front (which included Bob McDonut plus a representative from Gene Ward's office) turn out to be a huge dud and a massive failure almost made one feel sorry for this anonymous doofus who drove all the way from wherever to cast the wrong vote and then got "counseled" before everyone to change votes to the losing side (or what? Be banished to signwave for Tupola on Farrington Highway forever?).

BAD RELIGION:  After decades of corruption, incompetence and declining success at the polls, the only way for these RINO's to prevail in 2017 was to cheat, lie, steal, and manipulate.  But they failed.  This is a good sign for the future of our party.  But, let's remember, these nimrods are still around and still among us.

TRUTH SERUM:  Yesterday we learned much about the sickness which remains at the Hawaii GOP.  The swamp is deep and filled with muck.  For instance, right now Fritz Rohlfing is knowingly paying out YOUR MONEY for the salary and benefits and other labor costs to employ a useless, corrupt, lord of the idiots named Jack James.  He's the kind of guy who'd steal your car and try to sell it back to you.  He has already violated his employment contract with the Hawaii GOP more times than you can count.  Yet Fritzy Boy keeps wasting donor money on this RINO loser.  Thousands are being wasted every month on this corrupt, self-serving buffoon who regularly uses party resources to campaign for Boyd Ready and Andria Tupola instead of doing his job.  In fact, the Lincoln Day Dinner (planned in Waikiki the same week as the Kauai state convention) appears headed for a massive financial loss for the party.  Who's in charge?  Jack "Mehoff" James, RINO towelboy to Fritz Rohlfing, champion to Andria Tupola and Boyd Ready, okole whisperer to McDermott, Rohlfing and Ward, and the overpaid executive director of the Hawaii Republican Party.  Why, why, why is this loser still working at HRP??

MORE SWAMP FILTH:  In their nefarious subterfuge for power, Jack James and Fritz Rohlfing sent a press release Friday Night (hours before yesterday's meeting at party headquarters).  In their immoral zeal and lust for power, they sent this scandalous press release to the entire GOP membership statewideAND to every single news media outlet in the state; the mass e-mail even alleged that law enforcement authorities were investigating the county website and fundraising which doesn't appear to have even begun yet.   Talk about a "Hail Satan" pass!!  In this bogus press release designed to help Boyd Ready at Brett Kulbis' expense, Satan James and Satan Rohlfing tried to help their Dark Lord and Master Andria Tupola by knowingly lying about the new Oahu GOP website and more; completely pretending they had no knowledge of any plans the new Honolulu County Republican Party had for messaging to the public, organizing volunteers, fundraising, etc.

At yesterday's meeting, three crucial things happened in relation to the Rohlfing/James press release.  First, every single statement in Friday night's release was revealed to be fabricated and 100% false; partly by Kulbis showing Rohlfing's signature certifying all the topics covered at a post-convention meeting to discuss plans for the county (including the very website, fundraising, etc. which the massive scumbag named Fritz Rohlfing pretended not to know about).  [It's no wonder Fritz will never get the federal judgeship he desperately wants -- cause he's an unethical, lying sack of horse manure.]  Second, the Oahu GOP county committee voted UNANIMOUSLY to urge Rohlfing and James to retract their phony, defamatory press release in order to immediately reverse the damage to the Republican brand.  Third, Rohlfing responded to the vote by defiantly refusing - simply saying "NO" to the dozens of county committee members disgusted with his antics, Fritz refuses to retract his lies or even to order his paid flunkie Jack "I need this job so I'll debase myself and do anything" James to retract the sleazy, lie-filled, press release either.  These are the soulless, zero-integrity megalomaniacs who have driven the Hawaii GOP into the dirt; to its lowest point EVER in Hawaii history.  No wonder Boyd Ready and Andria Tupola and Bob McDermott and Gene Ward are mixed up with Rohlfing and James and Kweef Trollman.  Birds of a feather.  Closet Democrats.  And practitioners of Satan worship.

ALL OF WHICH BRINGS US TO THE MOMENT YOU'VE ALL BEEN WAITING FOR:   The absolute profanity-filled meltdown of Representative McDermott.  You really haven't lived until you've been on the receiving end of "Onward Christian Soldier" Bob McDermott's verbally violent tirades.  Unlike most people, Ranting Bob's profanity and cries for help with anger management are music to the ears of fake conservatives hangers-on like sycophantic fake Republicans Fern Mossman and Rene Morgan.  But McDonut's filthy tirades and narcissistic behavior makes the rest of us sick to our stomachs.  Sorry about that, 'ladies'.

While the need to pry the gavel out of Boyd Ready's hands upon his losing is still the funniest moment of yesterday's meeting at party headquarters, the 2nd funniest and single MOST disturbing moment lasted several minutes.  Remember that McDonut is the same guy who wrote to HIRA a couple weeks ago and boasted that he would definitely be the GOP's candidate for governor in 2018 and that we should go 'jerk each other off'.  Remember that McDermott is Boyd Ready's #1 fan and endorser.  And, yes, recall that McDonut is the same guy who memorably shouted in anger on the State House floor at fellow legislators "Start acting like a f***ing Republican" and "do your f***ing job".  Again, music to the ears of Mossman, Morgan and other phony-baloney 'conservatives' who are well practiced in looking the other way when their tainted buddies are involved; selectively enforcing when morality matters.

Well, Bob's tirade yesterday (following his candidate Boyd Ready's substantial loss) allowed the uninitiated to witness McDonut freaking out, swearing, and accusing HIRA of having taken over the entire Hawaii GOP and making it clear that anyone who disagreed was a liar or an idiot.  For a brief moment, Bob's tinfoil hat was visible even from commuters driving past the Kapiolani Blvd. headquarters.  It seemed obvious to many people in attendance that he'd possibly gone off his meds.  While we're not big fans of Bob's here at HIRA -- even though he credits HIRA with helping to defeat Pono Choices and fight same-sex marriage -- we are concerned enough to consider a fundraiser to get Bob the serious help he needs.  The way he was acting, you'd have thought old Bob McDonut had wolfed down a case of Doritos in his basement, chased by a gallon of Rollman's fermented 200 proof urine, before arriving at yesterday's county meeting in time for a McRant.  Perhaps Fritz Rohlfing could use his sleazy lawyer tricks to get Bobby McD committed to the Kaneohe State Mental Institution for his own protection and that of his wife and kids and his coworkers and his staff like Trollman.

Here's the 'real' Bob McDermott at GOP headquarters on Saturday.  He's a guy who's obviously battling demons and serious mental problems.  Or maybe he's breathed in too much exhaust signwaving on Fort Weaver Road, where he's cursed to remain for the rest of his shortlived political career.

It was sad enough when Bob left the county convention four weeks ago with his tail between legs after his publicly endorsed candidate Boyd Ready lost.  But then again yesterday, when his same candidate lost, Bob became unhinged and got booed out of the headquarters by a universally disgusted county committee which grew sick of his cursing, accusing, and bloviating of wild conspiracy theories.  HIRA heard that Bob left yesterday's explosive meeting (he WAS the explosion) with his tail between his legs, only to find his car was covered with birdshit and a parking ticket to boot.

It's so sad to see a guy lose it completely and fall from grace at such high speed.  Maybe the next time House Speaker Souki or Oahu GOP Chairman Kulbis gavels Snowflake Bob out of order, he'll shut up, sit down and listen instead.  Or maybe he'll just go away after his campaign for governor.

Yesterday was not a good day for Hawaii Republican Party, save the heartwarming re-confirmation of Kulbis & his ready-to-get-down-to-business county team (though Ready thoroughly demonstrated that he cannot be part of rebuilding the party in any office).  Rohlfing's failed RINO saboteurs and plotters have surely back in Bob McDonut's basement all weekend long; drinking Trollman-Aid and cooking up a new way to reverse the elections of Kulbis and his fellow county and district officers for the benefit of Tupola's twisted, corrupt campaign.

For the record, HIRA is very proud of the State Rules Chair and County Elections Chair for strongly standing on principle.  But it really sucks that Satanic Rohlfing will still be on the Hawaii GOP's powerful executive committee (with a vote and a voice) ever after totally destroying the party over the past two years.  There's only one workaround:  Fritz either needs to resign or be fired by the State Committee.  Then, a new chair can be selected to serve for the next few weeks until a new chair can be chosen at the State Convention in May.  That way, Rohlfing will no longer be on the executive committee (using his satanic vote and voice) working in league with other Tupola supporters on weak GOP neighbor island county organizations where not even a single Republican holds office.  In addition, HIRA believes a new interim chair could immediately FIRE Jack "Mehoff" James and can call for the long overdue resignation of TowelBoyd Ready, whose disgusting antics and willingness to backstab, cheat, lie and steal make him a more perfect fit with Hillary Clinton's political party.

Since the RINO party of Rohlfing never tellls you anything, we hope that HIRA has lived up to your expectations of giving you the good, the bad and the ugly.  You DESERVE to know why Republicans in Hawaii keep losing, why our party gets weaker, and why Democrats keep being allowed to win.  HIRA tells it like it is and keeps the pressure on the party to get fixed so Republicans can start fixing what's wrong with Hawaii. Let's hope that the Oahu GOP's restoration is a sign of progress as Election Day 2018 gets closer and closer.


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